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  American Academy of Financial Management
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American Academy of Financial Management ™

AAFM - AACSB Professional Association Member

  • AAFM has been a Professional Association Member of The AACSB™ International e-News Article
  • AAFM extended global recognition of AACSB™ degree programs as well as degrees and courses from ACBSP and ABA The American Bar Assn. e-AACSB News Article
  • AAFM recognizes graduates of AACSB accredited business schools worldwide with MFP™ designation eligibility.
  • Thus, if you have successfully graduated from an AACSB business school with a concentration in Finance related topics, you are eligible to apply for for the MFP Master Financial Professional Designation.
  • AAFM has members over 140 + countries
  • AAFM has top Finance Professors from around the world who are members or honorary advisors.
  • AAFM has global trademark agreements with the AIMR™ and CFP™ board where AAFM has special rights to the MFP™ Master Financial Professional Designation and Program.

AAFM™ MFP Master Financial Professional ™ Program

The MFP ™ Master Financial Professional Board Certification eligibility is for those who have met these 4 requirements:

  1. Complete an Accredited Degree in with concentration in finance, tax, economics, or financial services or masters in financial areas < Attended one of 435 AACSB Accredited Business Schools Worldwide for Financial Related Training >
  2. AACSB Graduates have a waiver from the 3 years of experience. 3 or more years of experience for all others.
  3. Agree to engage in 10 hours of continued education per year & Abide by the AAFM ethics guidelines
  4. Submitted a good faith and truthful resume that illustrates and confirms the education, experience, specialized work, and testing that you completed and have performed.

If you can meet these 4 requirements, send your resume now.

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