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AAFM India Advisory Board

AAFM Achieves Recognition from India Governmental Authorities

Dean Manmohan Singh

Dean Manmohan Singh is a retired senior Brigadier from the Indian Army and has worked as a Director with Survey of India. He has been part of advanced programs in Europe as a UNDP (United Nations Development Program) fellow. He has been part of diplomatic assignments as leader of the working group of the Indian delegation for India-Nepal border demarcation. He has also been associated with the Ministry of Science & Technology. Among his several academic achievements is also included a stint of instruction at IIRS (Indian Institute of Remote Sensing), Dehradun. Dean Singh has more than two hundred papers and articles to his credit and is also the author of the book – “Organizational goal setting for high performing teams”

Associate Dean & Director Admissions – Jagmohan Bhanver

Jag has spent more than a decade in Banking and has headed National and International assignments with some of the largest banks in India and overseas. Post his Banking career, Jag has personally trained/addressed more than 6,000 financial services professionals in areas like Sales Leadership, Negotiation skills, Break-through potential and Sales Motivation. Jag is rated among the Top 25 speakers in the World by the Worldwide Speaker’s Bureau and among the most powerful speakers in Asia. He travels extensively to various countries every year, taking seminars on Motivation, Team performance, Leadership & Goal Setting. Jag addresses close to half a million people every year through conclaves, public seminars and private/club conferences. He is regularly featured in newspapers, magazines and TV shows for his management mantras and on various Business related issues. Jag is a sought after Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor. He is referred to as the “Mentor’s Mentor” in corporate circles globally and has mentored Industry leaders, celebrity entrepreneurs, media people and CEO’s at leading organizations. His ideas on Super-Motivation, Team Performance Management and Leadership are now being used in several education institutions and corporates globally. Jag’s first book on Motivation, titled "Get Happy Now" has been on the Times bestseller list His second book, titled "Think your way to Millions" which is on the subject of Behavioral Finance has been nominated for several awards. This is the first book on behavioral finance in India and has had rave reviews from the industry. Right now, he is in the process of completing a path breaking book on Organizational Goal Setting for High performing teams. As an entrepreneur, Jag is a major stakeholder in various organizations, in areas as diverse as media and HR. Jag is a senior educationist and is engaged with several top-line education institutes in India and overseas in different roles, including being the Associate Dean for IIFM in India.

Director, Alliances & Technology – Komal Bhanver

Komal has more than a decade and a half of senior management exposure in top-end corporates in India and overseas. She has worked with TATA Infotech in their corporate strategy team and with Oracle India as Marketing & Sales head for Australia and New Zealand. Her recent assignments include working as Director Alliances & Corporate Strategy for PeopleFirst India. Komal is one of the most highly regarded consultants in the area of building market driven organizations and creating learning organizational structures. She has written more than a 100 articles on HR policy and performance management that have been shared in various forums in education and corporate circles. Komal has now been commissioned by one of the top publishers in India to do a book on Performance Management in a learning organization

Director, Marketing & Corporate Communications – Manoj Nautiyal

Manoj is one of the leading Marketing resources in India. He made his first documentary at the age of sixteen and this won the prestigious award for the best documentary in the Travancore Film Festival in India. He has also made documentaries for BBC and DD, the National broadcaster in India. Manoj has more than a 100 ad films and corporate films to his credit and has been a Creative Director for several media companies. After more than 2 decades of media management which includes a National Award, he got into education where he specializes in New media and innovative advertising. Manoj is currently Director, Marketing & Corporate Communications for IIFM India




Niranjan C. Bhat
Honorary Adviser
Government of India
June 12, 2009

Hon. Prof. ( Dr. ) George Mentz, CEO / Dean / Board of Standards General Counsel and Attorney at Law,

The American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM) and
The American Academy of Project Management (AAPM)

Sub. : Letter of positive estimation for the AAPM & AAFM.

Dear Sir,

In presenting this letter, I bring you very warm greetings from the Hon. President of India Mrs. Pratibha Patil and Hon. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Government and the people of India. I must tell you that the pleasure of carrying out this simple yet important task is that much greater as the honor is from few friends and for whom I have the highest personal and professional regard.

Both AAPM & AAFM are unique having many certifications to offer only for the learned few who already have regular qualifications and earned experiences. I do understand its’ concept. For awarding the certifications of International Standards in Project Management and Financial Management (the highest in the world), the expert should take part in the decision of global projects and finances, demonstrate an originality of thinking and the creative approach, and defend the dissertation or examination on original projects and finances.

Dr. Mentz, India places the highest priority on its relations with the AAPM & AAFM. As an outstanding person with the big life experiences which can be used at the tackling of global projects and managing finances in India, I value highly my election to the Fellow grade of AAPM & AAFM and the Designation Certificate-licenses of “MPM, MQM, MMC, CIPM, GPM, CPD and MFP” from AAPM & AAFM, as well as my fraternal relations with the fellow academicians, awardees, individual members, researchers, professors and patrons of AAPM & AAFM. Further, I am grateful for being inducted to the esteemed ‘Honorary Global Advisory Committee’ by AAPM & AAFM. The AAPM & AAFM Scholarship Initiative for the needy is impressive and very much appreciated. Please keep up this cause.

It is my belief that cultural, educational, economical, peaceful, scientific and social progress can only be achieved and sustained within the context of a healthy and vibrant AAPM & AAFM, and I remain committed to every action that will contribute to AAPM & AAFM’s health and success.

Truly yours’,

Niranjan C. Bhat
Honorary Adviser
Government of India



Global Courses www.aafm.us

AAFM is delighted to offer in-house certification training to banks, brokerages, and financial institutions worldwide from our offices in New York City, Hong Kong, Dubai, Mexico, and Singapore.

Clients of our Certification Training Centers include: Citibank, Deutsche Bank, NASA, XEROX, and more

Here are some benefits to our In-House Training: Click Here to Inquire

We can provide a 40 hour Approved intensive fast-track Certification training session in your corporate offices. Our Global Certified AAFM Trainers include industry experts, PhDs, Executives, Professors and more from some of the top Fortune 500 Companies in the World. Please contact us about our certified training. We are not just a US training service. We have offered executive education in these countries through our training partners - USA - China - Europe - Africa - Middle East - Carribean - India and More

  • Quality Executive Training that leads to Certification
  • Compliance friendly Certifications of which enhance corporate prominence with company clients etc.
  • In House, "on location" and Customized training can be provided.
  • Our Certifications are in-alliance with the Top Accreditation Authorities Worldwide - AACSB International & The ACBSP. We are aligned with the top 560+ business schools worldwide. Thus, we are the only financial organization in the world that has a global recognition agreement with the 2 highest accreditation authorities for business schools internationally.
  • We now have liaison traininf offices and representatives in USA, Mexico, Middle East, India, Asia, Hong Kong , Singapore, Carribean, Germany, Switzerland and more.
  • Certificates are signed and sealed to assist in meeting OE Official Formalities
  • We can design custom executive certification training to meet your tactical and cultural legal requirements and regional needs.
  • AAFM has provided training and certification in over 140 countries to officers, employees, professors and executives from the top banks, business schools, and largest financial institutions.
  • Global Catalog of AAFM Sanctioned Courses

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As seen in the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Finanical Times, The Hindu National, The El Norte Latin America, The Arab Times, & The Beijing Times.

Our AAFM Certification Training Partners have trained clients that include: Deutsche Bank, Citibank, Xerox, NASA, HSBC Bank, China Construction Bank, National Bank of Kuwait, The Government of Dubai, BAE Systems, United States Securities and Exchange Commission, The US NAVY,, Department of Energy, The Department of Interior, 3M Asia Pacific, Dow Chemical, Hewlett Packard Singapore, Indian Overseas Bank, Shangri La Hotels, and HUNDREDS MORE