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American Academy of Financial Management ™ Publications

The American Academy of Financial Management ™ is an worldwide financial professional organization with members in 100+ countries hosting and organizing certification training worldwide and offering our exclusive designations to candidates who meet the high standards.. AAFM is in alliance with the top 560 business schools in the world. If you desire to be recognized by our worldwide academic & professional organization and improve your education, resume, or credentials, then, you are taking the best step to a better career and achieving graduate financial designations. You can gain board certification and a charter as a financial professional, wealth manager, market analyst, financial and investment planner, asset manager, trust and estate planning analyst, or economist .© AAFM offers several industry recognized graduate designations to qualified professionals. To see a list of our certifications, click here. To view our requirements, click here.


Wealth Management – A Treatise and Guide for the Wealthy
A 350+ Page Wealth Management treatise (Over 84 thousand words) which is a compilation of information on Wealth Management, Trusts, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Investing, Retirement, Financial Planning, Economics, Estate Planning, and much much more. Guide for Certified Wealth Managers and Super Wealthy Clients. Contains a large and useful glossary for Wealth Managers and other supplements on taxation, education planning, and other glossarys.
From: $25.00
Investment Management Strategy and Policy
Separately Managed Accounts Mutual Fund Wrap Accounts Commingled or Pooled Investment Funds Investment Clients Institutional Investors Regulation and Supervision Functionally Regulated Activities Private Trusts Risks Compliance Risk Risk Management Processes Risk Controls Contingency and disaster recovery plans. Quantity of Risk — Bank Activities Control Systems General Procedures — Registered Investment Advisers Appendix A: Portfolio Management Processes Stage 1 — Development of Investment Policy Appendix B: Trust Investment Law Modern Portfolio Theory The Prudent Investor Rule The Uniform Prudent Investor Act Appendix C: ERISA Investment Standards Appendix D: Investment Management and 12 CFR 9 Investment Policy Benefits Appendix F: Guidelines for Selecting Investment Managers and Advisers
From: $15.00
Trust and Estates Management and Regulation
Trust Management Operations, Controls and Auditing Asset Management Securities Transactions, Processing and Administration Compliance Account Administration - Personal and Charitable Accounts Compliance/Account Administration Employee Benefit Accounts Account Administration Corporate Trust Accounts Conflicts Of Interest Self-Dealing and Contingent Liabilities Collective investment funds law, regulations and opinions Glossary This manual is a supplement for CTEP Chartered Trust and Estate Planners and CWM Certified Wealth Managers
From: $15.00
Fundamentals of US Economics and Markets
The Basics of the US Economy - 110+ Pages Compiled and Edited by AAFM FZ International History of the Economy of the United States The Business Environment for Entrepreneurs and Companies The US Stock Markets The Role of the US Government in the Economy Money, Banking, Monetary and Fiscal Policy Labor and US Economics Farming Agriculture and The Economy The Future of US Economics Glossary of Economic Terms
From: $25.00
Basics on Investing, Financial Markets and Financial Planning
A 100+ Page treatise and compilation of information on Investing, Retirement, Financial Planning, Estate Planning, Insurance, and much much more. Guide for Certified Asset Managers and Registered Financial Specialists
From: $25.00
Project Management - Executive Summary for the Financial Industry
Project Management Executives Guide - This is the premier certification manual for Certified International Project Managers and Master Project Managers. This guide has the executive protocol and the Project Management Treatise of Knowledge included which represents the International Project Management Commissions goals to follow government project management methodology. This manual is also the official IPMC project manager executive guide for the financial industry.
From: $18.75
Anti Money Laundering Laws and Regulation
Introduction to the Bank Secrecy Act Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Reports and Recordkeeping Requirements Customer Identification Program Special Information Sharing Procedures to Deter Money Laundering and Terrorist Activities Customer Due Diligence Banking Services and Activities with Greater Potential for Money Laundering and Enhanced Due Diligence Procedures Monitoring Bank Secrecy Act Compliance BSA Violations and Enforcement Identification of Suspicious Transactions Suspicious Activity Reporting Office of Foreign Assets Control Examples of Proper Citation of Apparent Violations of the BSA Related Regulations in the Report of Examination Web-Site References
From: $17.00
CWM Wealth Management Lecture Notes - International Edition
(542 Pages) Lecture notes and slides for the Wealth Management Program Certification Training covering investments, banking, portfolio management, financial management and more. Over 500 Pages of Information for Certified Wealth Managers by AAFM FZ LLC International
From: $35.00
MFP Master Financial Professional Lecture Notes
Lecture Notes, Slides and Materials for the AAFM Master Financial Professional Excecutive Training Course that leads to the MFP Master Financial Professional Board Certification. Over 250 pages of training information for graduate students of finance.
From: $25.00
Financial Planning Treatise Fundamentals
Fundamentals of investments banking and financial planning. Chapters, Exercises and Glossary.
From: $12.00
Wealth Management Manual for CWM Certified Wealth Manager Training
Investments Economics Money and Banking Wealth Management Sciences. Estate planning, Insurance. The Chartered Wealth Manager guide and manual to working with the wealthy. This manual also contains finanical analysis tools for securities analysis along with advanced techniques in working with the affluent.
From: $30.00
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Keep Calm and Carry On 04/15/09
The last month or so was marked by a maelstrom that included a clumsy backing maneuver that put part of my car in a ditch, a frozen hot water pipe, and the emergency purchases of a new natural gas furnace and a new car thermostat. In the midst of all this, I received an e-mail purporting to be from "HM Government."
Network Even When You Have a Job 04/13/09
Networking isn’t just for the unemployed. As more workers look over their shoulders in anticipation of the dreaded tap, they’re increasingly reaching out.
A Twitter Cheat Sheet 04/10/09
As ever more businesses and individual professionals take up microblogging on Twitter, "tweeting" may become an indispensable career tool. A recent post on Susan Weiner's Investment Writing blog offers tips for coming up to speed. While aimed at financial advisors, her advice is useful for other professionals too.
Managing Your References 04/09/09
The care and feeding of references has taken on greater importance in today's market. As reported in The Wall Street Journal, you'll enhance your chances of getting a job if you go the extra mile when you’re preparing them.
Our Take: Job-Search Bubble 04/06/09
Riding the subway home from a job-search networking party at which you met more jobless-services entrepreneurs than job-seekers, you skim a free local newspaper. One page is divided into two distinct advice columns, each about coping with a layoff. The next page reviews a career consultant's latest how-to book about bouncing back from being laid off.
Recruiters Not Responding? Here's Why 04/03/09
A story on our sister site eFinancialCareers that showcased recruiters' complaints about "crazy" candidates struck a nerve among many users there. Several comments draw a link between overeager job-seekers - who recruiters may view as pests - and uncommunicative recruiters whom sincere and well-behaved job-seekers may label rude and unprofessional.
New Grad's Job Strategy Primer 04/01/09
If experienced pros can't find jobs today, what's a new graduate with little or no professional experience supposed to do? College students who adopt the same tactics as their experienced counterparts have better chances of success than you might think.
Your Options In Negotiating Severance 03/30/09
As the number of layoffs has risen, the willingness of companies to negotiate the contents of severance packages has fallen off due to fears of creating inequalities among classes of employees and the necessity to hoard cash.
Don't Be Like These Guys 03/27/09
Successful individuals often urge keeping a positive mind-set, even while between jobs. As a cautionary flag, here are a couple of examples of its opposite. The poisonous attitudes that follow are markers of what not to let yourself do, or even think, in the course of your job search.
Larger-Than-Life Job Search Tactic 03/25/09
Mark Heuer turbo-charged his job search by attracting potential employers to his online resume through an outdoor billboard advertisement. But he says the most important thing job-seekers should do is communicate directly with people.
An Accounting Student Meets the Job Market 03/23/09
Kim Kaemmer thought for sure she wanted to earn her CPA and work in public accounting. But as she readies for her May 2009 graduation from the University of St. Thomas, a regional Catholic school in St. Paul, Minn., she's beginning to have second thoughts.
Our Take: Be Visible, Not Desperate 03/20/09
Was Joshua Persky ahead of his time? Nine months ago, the laid-off investment banker made his pitch to passers-by in midtown Manhattan wearing a poster that read, "Experienced M.I.T. Grad For Hire." His out-of-the-box tactic brought encouraging words, worldwide media attention and many a contact - but few concrete job opportunities, and no offers. Persky found a new job in October, a full four months after his week inside the sandwich board.
Changing Jobs? Leave Bad Habits Behind 03/18/09
People with experience in accounting bring a great amount of knowledge and skills with them when they move to a new job. But they also bring their old habits, including some harmful assumptions about how work should be done.
Your Facebook 'Friend' May Want a Favor 03/16/09
With 175 million members and counting, Facebook is so firmly entrenched in so many lives that the time has come to start asking the tough questions: What’s Facebook really for? And how can Facebook help with your career?
Speak Up and Speak Better: Communication Skills Primer 03/13/09
"Hi. Okay, you guys, hi. How's it goin'? I'm your presenter today, so just, like, open your packets and, like, follow along with the PowerPoint so we can jargon, jargon, jargon, gobbledygook, thirty-six million four hundred twenty-nine thousand eighteen point one percentage points and more, you know, like, jargon. Okay?"
Anger in the Workplace Isn't All Bad 03/11/09
We've all been taught that anger is harmful and dangerous – especially at work. But a long-term study by Harvard researchers of 824 adults points to a different conclusion: expressing anger in a controlled way serves both careers and personal lives far better than keeping frustration bottled up all the time.
No Stimulus For Hotels, Sports Events 03/09/09
Congress last month approved $787 billion in new spending to stimulate the economy and preserve jobs. Somebody tell that to the 13.2 million Americans who work in the leisure and hospitality industry – whose customers are standing aside in droves, partly because of those very same lawmakers' sermons against corporate "excess."
New Grads' Entitlement Colliding With Reality 03/09/09
Bankers aren't the only people whose sense of entitlement is taking a beating lately. College students feel pretty entitled too, if a post in the Daily Beast blog is any indication.
Plug and Play Resume Customization 03/05/09
Customizing your resume to match each job opportunity will result in more interviews and offers. But is the potential return worth the time investment?
Severance and Your Rights 03/02/09
The firestorm surrounding Microsoft's severance package gaffe - first overpaying about 25 laid off workers, and then asking for the money back - brings up a question: Are former workers legally obligated to return money to a company that's let them go?
TU for the Interview? NVR! 02/27/09
Thanks to mobile technology, you can find new job opportunities, network online and research prospective employers on the run. But be warned: When you call a prospective boss or send him a post-interview thank you e-mail, you should sit down and turn off your Blackberry. Formal communications standards and traditional etiquette rules still apply to the job hunting process.
How to Do Unto Others 02/25/09
A recent blog post by corporate consultant Richard Skaare serves up a fresh slant on networking: the best ways to help a friend who is unemployed.
How to Manage an Exit Interview 02/23/09
For whatever the reason - maybe you've been let go, maybe you're leaving for another firm - you're facing a human resource officer on your last day of work.
What NOT to Include in Your Resume 02/18/09
It’s a tough job-hunting environment, so in your zeal to stand out you may have made a mistake on your resume that could sink your chances instead of enhancing them. So, in the interests of helping you stay safe, we present highlights of HR World’s list of 25 things you should never include in your resume.
Economy Pressures Smaller Firms 02/13/09
If the economy continues to crash, accounting firms may find themselves forced to lay off employees to balance the books after the busy season.
Grow Professionally Online 02/09/09
Looking for career guidance or growth? Want to share your wisdom with others? Then consider becoming an online mentor or protégé and let the coaching begin.
Half of CFOs Plan to Retire On Schedule 02/06/09
Economic conditions have led about a quarter of chief financial officers (CFOs) to delay their retirement - bad news for those who were hoping to move up when the boss stopped working.
Good Background, Strong Skills - And No Job? 02/04/09
Despite a perfect resume, flawless references and years of experience, some finance professionals are finding it difficult to land a job suitable to their skills. Even people who've put in time at Big Four accounting firms or well-known investment banks have sometimes gotten less-than-receptive reactions from prospective employers.
Firms Still Hiring, But More Slowly 02/02/09
If there's an unwritten rule not to change public accounting jobs during tax season, plenty of accountants are ignoring it. And despite the emergence of some interesting staffing options, hiring in accounting and finance has slowed.
A Career Change Road Map 01/30/09
Changing careers requires intensive research, self-knowledge, and passionate commitment to a goal. Ultimately, getting hired may rest on devising a marketable idea you can present to an employer in the field you’ve trained your sights on.
Coping With Difficult People At Work 01/28/09
Vicky Oliver's book, Bad Bosses, Crazy Coworkers & Other Office Idiots, comes at the right time. Until a year or so ago, "retention" was a mantra for HR officers. Now the shoe is on the other foot: It's employees who obsess about retaining their own jobs. So a tool kit for coping with difficult workplace personalities falls on fertile soil.
How Managing Up Positions You For Growth 01/26/09
Even if no one reports to you, your job still involves managing people - the ones occupying slots above yours on the organization chart. It's called "managing up," and those who do it well can become indispensable to their organizations, resulting in choice assignments and promotions.
Fraud Threat Creates Opportunities, Too 01/23/09
The financial crisis and recession will stimulate both fraud and employers' efforts to combat it. That spells danger as well as opportunity for financial professionals, says fraud expert Ralph M. Fatigate of BDO Seidman's consulting division.
SEC Could Add Enforcement Jobs 01/21/09
The SEC might add as many as 120 new slots for enforcement lawyers and accountants later this year. That's how many new bodies one securities law expert believes the agency will need to restore its reputation as a market watchdog.
Strategic Career Change 01/19/09
Since Change is the national theme of the week, we thought we'd look at a recent article in Psychology Today that, while it focuses on personality change, can apply to the idea of career change, as well. If nothing else, it's a helpful guide to taking stock of your position and whether it's really the right one for you.
Avoid Getting Axed for Interviewing 01/16/09
Should employees be fired for interviewing with another company?
More Ways to Hurt Yourself with E-Mail 01/14/09
The day before we warned about new ways to injure yourself online - in particular, by losing control of important correspondence - a personal experience hammered home the message.
To Calculate or to Communicate, That Is the Question 01/13/09
Question: To build a successful career in public accounting is it more important to have solid information technology skills or effective communication skills?
Analysts, Accountants Needed At FBI 01/12/09
If you're looking for a way to utilize your analytical skills and the Madoff story makes you hopping mad, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has several openings with your name on them. But you'd best act fast, because most of those career doors are set to shut on Jan. 16.
Our Take: Networking is Hard 01/09/09
Networking your way to a job opportunity takes both ingenuity and a significant time commitment. That's why so many of us get it wrong.
Wield New Tools, But Wear Protective Gloves 01/07/09
Job-seekers are often urged to ramp up their use of online tools like personal Web sites, social networking, live-blogging and mobile Web-based e-mail. Just as with physical tools, however, any relatively new product poses a risk of self-injury.
Finance Smarts Needed at NCIS 01/05/09
You won't get to work with Mark Harmon, star of the television drama NCIS, but if you take a job at the real Naval Criminal Investigative Service, you could find yourself leading the real-world version of his on-screen life.
‘Preparation’ Tops the list of 2009 Resolutions 12/30/08
The events of 2008 remind us that job security can be fleeting. Job market vigilance has become a modern day career survival technique, requiring professionals to keep a constant eye open for that next opportunity and be prepared to launch a job search on a moment’s notice.
Dating for Jobs 12/29/08
Having spent the last six months of my life on a fairly concentrated job search - I'm looking for a position as a financial writer or communications professional - it's become obvious to me there are parallels between finding the perfect job and finding the perfect date or future mate.
CareerWire: Out-of-the-Box Visibility Tactics 12/22/08
Taking a risk can help a candidate to stand out amid the clutter.
Success with Behavioral Interviewing Questions 12/19/08
Interviewing for a job can be nerve racking. Even experienced professionals can have a hard time demonstrating their capabilities and expressing themselves effectively, given the tension of an interview situation. The best way to reduce your anxiety and increase your interviewing proficiency, is to eliminate the element of surprise by anticipating the questions you’ll be asked, and preparing some answers.
Evolving Choices in New York's CPA Market 12/17/08
Employers regard New York and New Jersey as homes to standout, experienced accounting talent. Here are some observations on the dynamics of the market.
CareerWire: Become a Passive Candidate 12/15/08
If it's not obvious you're looking, headhunters will be more inclined to look favorably on you.
Charting a Course to the Controller's Office 12/12/08
So, you want to be a corporate controller. To make yourself a viable candidate, you'll need a CPA, acumen in auditing, finance and operations, and a career focus on a narrow set of industry sectors.
Strategize Your Job Search 12/10/08
There's always room for good, solid people in the workplace. Industries may be different, but there's always a need for good managers. But if you're searching for a job in today's marketplace, you need a plan of attack. The fact is most people are skilled as job holders - but not as job hunters.
CareerWire: Clueless on MySpace 12/08/08
If you don't want your private life to ruin your career, then take steps to keep it private. And stop whining about free speech.
CPAs Move to Consulting from Controller/CFO Spots 12/05/08
New York area CPAs working in distressed industries are gaining valuable experience as they're tested in their roles as CFOs and controllers.
Ex-Bankers Make Good Accounting Candidates 12/03/08
If hordes of unemployed investment bankers and fund managers are contemplating a switch to finance-related jobs, Seiki Murono hasn't seen the evidence. The managing director of Boyden Global Executive Search's San Francisco office says he's received a few extra resumes from ex-bankers - but hardly an onslaught.
CareerWire: Watch Your Back! 12/01/08
An economy in recession encourages the in-house blame game. Take steps to avoid being scapegoated by an ill-motivated colleague or boss.
Selecting Your Ideal Boss 12/01/08
It's often said people don't leave companies - they leave bosses. The expression suggests that bad chemistry with their supervisors can cause employees to quit. But the relationship between you and your boss is more complicated than that, and in truth even a boss you adore may not be a good match for you professionally.
CareerWire: Zig Where the Market Zags 11/24/08
Classic bear-market specialties like litigation support, risk management and crisis management are among areas spawning opportunities for accounting and finance pros lately.
Considering Coaching? Consider This 11/24/08
Many financial professionals view a personal cheerleader as a necessary investment on their way to achieving their goals. But before you embrace the idea that coaching is indispensable to success, think carefully about whether it's the best approach for you. To start, consider whether any of these descriptions apply to you.
Six Ways to Not Get the Job 11/21/08
If you want to know all the stupid things people do when job hunting, ask Ed Navis. He's been reading resumes for two decades as a human resources consultant to mid-size companies and non-profits. Here are the top six mistakes he sees job hunters make.
Valuation Experience Needed in N.Y. Area 11/19/08
Despite concerns over layoffs at Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and other financial institutions, CPAs remain positive about valuation work. With increasing regulatory oversight and forced consolidation in the financial services sector, more accountants are needed to deal with valuation matters.
CareerWire: Mergers Chase Talent 11/17/08
At least one firm says the need for talent drove its recent merger.
Correcting Your Credit Report Before Your Job Interview 11/17/08
More and more companies are checking the credit and background reports of their employment candidates. Before sending in a resume, smart job-seekers should pull their own documents to make sure their information is correct. Here's how you do it.
Recruiter Sees Drop in CPA Searches 11/14/08
A leading California-based recruiter of CPAs and finance executives says his business has fallen off significantly since the start of the year. Paul Herrerias, who heads the San Francisco office for Stanton Chase, says his volume of search assignments is down to a trickle, and he is having to market himself more vigorously than he has before.
Profiting From Performance Reviews 11/12/08
To many, the annual performance review is about as welcome as a colonoscopy. Could any good ever come from a one-on-one where your boss - no matter how much he might respect your work - is required to detail your strengths and (mostly) weaknesses? Surprising as it may seem, experts answer in the affirmative.
CareerWire: Pitfalls of Counter-Offers 11/10/08
Leveraging an outside job offer into a raise from your current employer is a risky strategy that requires careful thought.
Interviewing in Cyberspace 11/07/08
Virtual jobs fairs and interviewing by avatar instead of by phone are moving into the mainstream, and could be standard several years from now. Here are some perspectives and coping tips from people on the front lines of cyber-recruiting today.
Public Accounting Still Favors Job Seekers 11/05/08
While it may appear that all jobs in the financial markets are evaporating or experiencing severe reductions in compensation, public accounting continues to be healthy, with salaries increasing at high levels for experienced tax and audit professionals.
CareerWire: Tax Work, N. Calif. Top Pay Gains 11/03/08
New surveys by Robert Half and Ajilon Finance provide detailed insights into expected movement in accounting and finance salaries for various specialties and metropolitan areas.
Options, Demand in Corporate Accounting 10/31/08
Despite layoffs and a tightening job market in various industries, corporate accounting remains a strong line of work nationwide. Not only is there continued need for corporate accountants in a variety of positions, salaries are holding steady - and even increasing in certain high-demand areas.
Guide to Surviving a Merger 10/29/08
The news hits you like a truck: the corporation or financial institution you work for has agreed to be acquired. Now what to you do?
SALT Skills Needed in N.Y., N.J. 10/24/08
Given the ever-increasing complexity of the region's state and local corporate tax laws, New York and New Jersey CPAs with SALT experience are in increasing demand. The jobs offer strong pay and job security, but require some grueling hours and tons of reading.
Mass Customization and Your Job Search 10/22/08
By utilizing a direct marketing technique called "mass customization," a job seeker can send out volumes of documents to prospective employers without having to hand-tailor each one individually.
Building Your Internal Network 10/17/08
Building a network within your company can be as important to your success as developing contacts outside. But watch out: The wrong moves can sink you. Here’s how to avoid some of the most common pitfalls.
Q&A: Greg Burke, Chair, CalCPA 10/15/08
California Society of CPAs Chair Greg Burke has an ambitious agenda. At the top of his list, Burke, wants to overhaul educational requirements that are beginning to restrict California CPAs from practicing out of state and can limit career opportunities. He also wants to recruit more veteran accountants to academia, and revamp committees to address industry trends more quickly.
CareerWire: Get Ready for Crazy Hat Day 10/13/08
Corporate HR staffs trawl for retention tools that don't cost much.
Craft Cover Letters, Resumes that Earn You a Second Look 10/10/08
If you plan to make a job move soon distinguish yourself from the thundering herd of job-seekers that's building in the market. You'll need a dazzling cover letter and a brilliant resume: a total package designed to sell your skills and talents to potential employers.
Financial Tumult Pressures N.Y. Area CPAs 10/08/08
Recent staff cuts at some of the Big Four, coupled with the woes in financial services, are beginning to concern the New York area's accounting community. Are the Big Four simply performing their usual annual pruning? Are CPAs working in the financial services industry vulnerable? The answers depend on who you talk to, and what sort of experience you're talking about.
CareerWire: Tapping Job Fairs 10/06/08
To get the most out of job fairs as a candidate, plan and prepare.
Economic Woes Color California Hiring Strategies 10/03/08
Although Ernst & Young doesn't anticipating making major changes to its business plans in the region, the firm is adapting its hiring strategy to address new demands spawned by the growing financial turmoil in the U.S.
Timing the Transition to IFRS 10/01/08
Now that the Securities and Exchange Commission has set a 2011-2015 timetable for moving from U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles to International Financial Reporting Standards, how long will it take the accounting world to make the change?
Networking Tips for Introverts 09/30/08
Effectively building - and leveraging - a network of professional contacts is essential to your ultimate success. But if glad-handing isn't your style, networking can look like a high hurdle. The good news: There are several ways to make effective networking more comfortable.
Relocating Means Negotiating the Best Package 09/29/08
You live in Baltimore and you've been offered two jobs: one in Kansas City and the other in Columbus. The jobs pay the same, but the company in Kansas City will pay your relocation expenses. How hard will your wallet be hit if you decide Ohio's the place for you?
The Initial Interview: Don't Be Screened Out 09/26/08
Every interview I've had began with an initial phone screen, where the HR person/internal recruiter wanted to assess basic skills for the job and asked a few internal assessment questions. The skills questions should be a slam-dunk, as they're almost always just an extension of the job requirements. The internal assessment questions, however, can be potentially dangerous. You need take care not to be screened out of the next round of interviews.
Succession Plans Offer Opportunities to Firm Staff 09/24/08
As accountants age and look for exit strategies from the firms they own, their succession plans become key factors to consider for those looking to move up the ranks and perhaps takeover the business.
Near-Term Stability for Wall Street Accountants 09/23/08
The move by Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs to convert to bank holding companies will mean more work for accounting and compliance professionals in the short run, but may lead to eventual layoffs, industry observers say.
CareerWire: Good Time to Switch 09/22/08
If you've been considering moving to another sector, the time might be right. As long as you're switching into the right industry, of course.
What's Behind Layoffs at the Big Four 09/19/08
Recent layoffs at Deloitte weren't the first cuts made by a Big Four firm this year, but they were the most highly publicized. Every year, Big Four and next-tier firms have layoffs, but they do them in small pieces, spread them out geographically, and tend not to send out press releases about them.
Hiring of CPAs Slows in California 09/17/08
Evidence of the demise of the lengthy bull hiring market for California CPAs is beginning to accumulate.
Tech Skills Become Vital to Accounting Careers 09/16/08
It's a given you have finance and accounting skills. But what's the next most important item in your career tool belt? If you'd asked CFOs that question five years go, they would have said "operations." But today, they'll answer "technology."
N.Y. Area CPAs Face the Economy 09/12/08
Accounting professionals in New York and New Jersey are often seen as immune to changes in the financial markets, bumps in the economy and even employment changes on Wall Street. Skilled CPAs, after all, are always in demand. Aren't they?
Ins and Outs of Contract Accounting 09/10/08
Accountants who want the stimulation of multiple clients but not the long hours of public accounting may find they can have it all by working for a contract accounting firm. But, as those who run such companies warn, project-based work isn't for everyone.
California Aids Prospective Academics 09/09/08
As part of an effort to address a shortage of accounting professors in California, CalCPA is expanding its program to help accountants interested in academia shoulder the costs of their studies.
CareerWire: Layoff At Deloitte 09/08/08
It's now official: The slowing economy is impacting demand for accounting work. So says Deloitte & Touche, the first of the Big Four to announce a mass layoff this business cycle.
Our Take: Age Matters 09/03/08
Recently, two sports stories caught my eye by showcasing opposite poles of an issue many financial services professionals grapple with every day: the perceived relationship between job performance and age.
CPAs Need Communications Skills to Advance 09/01/08
Communication skills are more important than ever when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder. But what are accountants to do, when they spend more time number crunching than dealing directly with people or learning to write effectively? The answer: Learn the communication skills you need to rise to the next level.
Tax Environment Builds Demand for CPAs in N.Y. Area 08/29/08
Changing federal and state tax regulations are pressuring tax accountants in New York and New Jersey.
Tune Up Your Grammar 08/27/08
Is your resume grammatically correct? For many job seekers, writing a flawless resume is difficult enough, yet nothing is more important. If it contains grammatical errors, reviewers may surmise you're uneducated, lack good communication skills or attention to detail.
Making the Move to Public Accounting 08/26/08
Accountants who move back and forth between the public and corporate worlds can maintain - and even boost - their salaries, but only if they have the right combination of credentials and experience.
CareerWire: Probing Tuition Reimbursement 08/25/08
Just because an employer has a tuition reimbursement policy, doesn't mean every staffer or every career-enhancing program is eligible.
Where You Went Wrong 08/22/08
It's been months since you started looking for a job and you still haven't found anything. Wondering where you're going wrong?
Tracing The Career of Wikimedia's CFO 08/20/08
California's many non-profit and education organizations offer some of the best opportunities for CPAs who want to advance their careers. Veronique Kessler has spent most of the past decade - more than half her career - working for such organizations.
Creating Your Personal Career Vision 08/19/08
In an earlier post, I explained why it's important to create a "Personal Career Vision" before you leap into a job search. Once you've done that, it's time to stop the daily mad rush, reflect on where you've been and where you are now, and assess where it is you want to end up.
How to Stand Out, Make Friends, and Influence People 08/15/08
We all want to be the whiz kid, the one whose brilliance makes us stand out. Ironically, deep down inside, we resent the very type of person we aspire to be. In other words, standing out has its dangers. Here's how to deal with them.
Economy Pressures Accountants' Optimism. Should It? 08/13/08
A shaky global economy, rising oil prices and falling home values have cut into the optimism that accounting and finance professionals typically report when asked about their employment prospects.
Compensation Keeps CPAs in N.Y., N.J. 08/12/08
CPAs in New York and New Jersey have a good reason to stay in the area: money.
CareerWire: Broadening the Mission 08/11/08
A growing number of CPA firms are taking a wider view of their business. Beyond obvious extensions like tax planning and business consulting, some are offering marketing and communications services.
Our Take: Be Humble 08/08/08
Humility helps. Haughtiness hurts. That's a message I'm hearing with increasing frequency when career experts discuss interviewing skills.
Fundamentals of the Functional Resume 08/06/08
If you have a background that's not traditional for an accountant, or you're considering a career change, the Functional Resume Format may be your best option.
In California, Hint of a Slowdown - But Just a Hint 08/05/08
The slumping economy may be impacting hiring at West Coast CPA firms. One hint: The managing partner at one of Los Angeles's largest full-service accounting firms says he won't be hiring as much as he has in the recent past.
CareerWire: Who's Watching Whom? 08/04/08
When you work at home, do you think you have more privacy than at the office. Maybe you do. But, then, maybe you don't.
Tax, Business Consulting Grows in N.Y. 08/01/08
Outside of traditional accounting firms New York and New Jersey CPAs are finding growing opportunities at specialized tax and business consulting practices. To succeed, accountants must learn to play up their marketing, communications, and negotiation skills.
Globalization, Regulation Mean Jobs, Even in Gloomy Times 07/30/08
Lost in Wall Street's stream of billion dollar write-offs are big picture themes like globalization and regulation, which continue to produce opportunities for financial professionals.
Risk Management Jobs in Chicago 07/29/08
As the credit markets continue to deteriorate and large financial institutions tighten controls, a number of Chicago firms are seeking risk management professionals in many specialties.
CareerWire: CPAs Have Office Politics, Too 07/28/08
Partners looking out for themselves and other tales from the trenches.
Podcast: Earning the CMA Credential 07/25/08
Listen in as the Institute of Management Accountants ' John M. Brausch, CMA, CFM, CPA, talks with Contributing Editor Dona DeZube about obtaining the Certified Management Accountant credential, including his experience in preparing for the exams.
The Value of a Personal Career Vision 07/23/08
If you think you'll be happier in your career simply by switching companies, think again. To be successful and love your work, you'll need more than a job. Before you focus on resume writing, networking, and job hunting, you'll need what I call a "personal career vision" - a tangible blueprint of the direction you want your life to take.
E&Y Shuffles Executives in the West 07/22/08
CPAs seeking Big Four experience in Southern California and the Southwest will have to reshuffle their contact files after a chain reaction of promotions in three of Ernst & Young's major Western offices.
CareerWire: Poll Finds Robust Job Market 07/21/08
The accounting job market remains as strong as ever, in the view of most respondents to a JobsintheMoney poll. However, 32 percent saw some degree of slowing.
Salaries Up, But Gender Gap Widens 07/18/08
The Institute of Management Accountants' 2007 salary survey uncovered both good news and bad news for accountants. The good news: Average salary for IMA members now tops $100,000, having risen 6.9 percent last year. The bad news: The gap increased between men's and women's pay.
Credentials as a Lever into Management 07/16/08
If you're interested in moving into management, credentials can often provide the boost you need. A designation can move your resume to the top of the pile – but you'll still have to win the job during the interview process.
Northeast Mergers Impact Staff Loyalty 07/15/08
Just when it seemed that merger mania was over, the New York and New Jersey metro region saw a crop of announcements of CPA firm combinations. Accountants facing the tumult that goes along with such changes should remember they have options: Being under demand means the "loyal to the end" staff accountant may be a thing of the past.
CareerWire: Firm Aims to Double Its Staff 07/14/08
Mitchell & Titus, the nation's largest minority-controlled accounting firm, looks to add about 150 people to its staff over the next three years under incoming CEO Anthony Kendall.
Globalization Impacts Diversity Programs 07/11/08
Globalization of operations, products and services means multinational firms must redefine the nature of their diversity programs. But morphing inclusion policies present benefits and challenges to both companies and local employees.
Is Forensic Accounting for You? 07/09/08
Bribery involving a Fortune 500 and a foreign government. Untangling the next Enron. For an auditor with a few years of experience, forensic accounting and litigation support (F&L) can be an exciting career option.
Calif. FBI Offices Seek Accountants 07/08/08
California CPAs looking for a different career path might consider - the FBI. Its offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and other cities are seeking accountants to work in areas such as counter-terrorism, drug enforcement and corporate crime.
Do I Need a Resume if I'm Not Looking For a Job? 07/07/08
Ask the Expert: "I'm a manager in the finance department of a mid-sized, private firm and haven't had a resume since college. One of my colleagues says I should have one. I'm not looking for a job, so why would this be important?"
Moving onto the Management Track 07/02/08
If you're happy where you work, your near-term goals probably include a move up into management. In that case, you need to prepare by picking up new skills and possibly more credentials.
CFOs See Concern Over Long Hours 07/01/08
Accounting and financial professionals have never enjoyed short hours and light workloads, but have things gotten even worse in recent years? According to a new survey by Accountemps, one in three chief financial officers (35 percent, to be precise) cited heavy workloads as the top workplace concern for their financial teams.
CareerWire: Another Angle on IFRS 06/30/08
When the time arrives to transition to International Financial Reporting Standards, accounting program curricula and the CPA exams could prove a potential Achilles heel.
Little Compliance Hiring in Chicago 06/27/08
While compliance jobs at all levels abound in New York, San Francisco and other parts of the U.S., in Chicago the market remains sluggish.
In Getting Ahead, Your Words Count 06/25/08
A career in finance presupposes that you're good with numbers. To get ahead, you have to be good with words, too. That's not to say you have to be F. Scott Fitzgerald, but you do have to convey your thoughts, plans and data clearly, concisely and in a jargon-free style that any audience can understand. Plus, you want to write in a way that makes you look good.
Standing Out from the Competition 06/24/08
What are the likely trends in the California job market for the remainder of 2008? What should job seekers be doing to boost their prospects - in the short and long terms?
CareerWire: Fraud Training, Hires, Balance Awards 06/23/08
IIA and Deloitte team to offer new training on fraud,Blackman Kallick hires Leaders for SALT, Risk/Compliance, and more.
Our Take: Watch What You Say 06/20/08
Our topic sounds like old hat in the context of a job interview. But many tried-and-true rules of interview behavior are just as valid for other professional situations.
From Public to Private - Accounting, That Is 06/17/08
With demand so high, today's accountants have an enormous number of opportunities to choose from when shifting their career gears. Once you've got some experience under your belt, you can pursue any number of specialties that match your strengths and interests. So how do you plot your direction? In part, the answer depends on where you started your career and where you sit now.
CareerWire: It's Never Too Early 06/16/08
Some business schools are getting students into job-hunting mode the summer before they arrive on campus.
Female CFOs Dissected 06/11/08
What qualities does a woman need to make it to CFO of a major corporation?
Tech Skills Gives CPAs a Leg Up 06/10/08
While CPA firms in New York and New Jersey are beefing up their business advisory and consulting arms, they need more than accounting and business talent. They're looking for business experts who are tech-savvy, and able to understand how IT efforts can benefit accounting and business processes.
CareerWire: Finance Keeps Evolving, Compliance is Hot 06/09/08
Have SOX, technical advances and the global economy forced accountants to spend more time bean-counting and less time developing business expertise?
Accounting Job Market Holds Steady 06/06/08
A new survey shows the accounting job market appears to be holding steady, with employers neither increasing or decreasing their staff.
Our Take: Active Job Search Techniques 06/04/08
Recently we explained our philosophy of career planning and growth, which can be summed up as "active career management." Now, here are some techniques to help you maximize expected returns from the effort you put into your job search.
New Designation for Fraud Experts 06/03/08
Accountants seeking to bolster their forensic and litigation-support credentials have a new option starting this fall, when the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants launches its Certified in Financial Forensics designation.
CareerWire: He Audits, He Records, He Sings… 06/02/08
Steven Zelin is both a CPA in private practice and a recording artist whose song lyrics are inspired by his day-job.
Number of New CPAs Soars in Bay State 05/30/08
The number of people that have passed the Massachusetts CPA exam rose by more than 66 percent in 2007, according to the Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants. The jump comes in the wake of changes to state regulations.
Accountants Dodge Wall Street Layoffs 05/28/08
CPAs in New York and New Jersey often face the unenviable task of delivering bad news to a company's management. The region's financial services firms, after all, are in the midst of contraction, hit by the credit crunch, the sub-prime blowout and a variety of regulatory pressures. While being the bearer of bad tidings certainly takes a toll, accountants in the financial world are by and large being spared one thing: layoff notices.
When Should You Work With a Recruiter? 05/27/08
When it comes to working with search firms, "when and if" are just as important as "how."
Stopping Bullies at Work 05/23/08
Studies find bullying is alive and well in the workplace. Learn strategies for coping.
San Francisco Firm Relies on Organic Growth 05/20/08
Some CPA firms succeed by being all things to all people: Their growth stems from their ability to serve a varied clientele. Others focus on narrow specialties, and develop their staffs to thrive in the challenges posed by their target industries.
CareerWire: Gaps Loom in Federal Financial Management 05/19/08
Coming large-scale retirements among senior federal financial managers could threaten the government's ability to fulfill its mission, a new study warns.
Learning by Doing Overseas 05/16/08
When it comes to cultural awareness, immersion in a country's daily life beats reading about it every time. That's the thinking behind a new KPMG program that puts interns into short-term international assignments the year before they graduate.
When Following Up, Persistence Pays 05/15/08
Would you call a prospective employer 63 times if your calls weren't picked up or returned? How about 24 times over a two-year period?
Canada Has Plenty of Tax Accounting Jobs to Fill 05/13/08
First the good news for accountants: There are plenty of jobs out there. Now the bad news: Some recruiters say salaries are rising at a slower rate than they have in previous years.
CareerWire: SOX Workload Under Control 05/12/08
Although demand for auditors won't vanish any time soon, the quantity of work needed to fulfill the much-feared Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 requirements appears to have peaked.
Our Take: Your Portfolio, Your Career 05/09/08
"Career path." That's a phrase often spoken by HR staffers eager to show young employees that management is meeting their need for professional growth. Does the phrase mean anything - or is it simply hot air?
N.Y./N.J. Firms Bulk Up Offerings Through Associations 05/07/08
A number of CPA firms in the New York/New Jersey area are joining together in alliances that allow them to access expertise they might not ordinarily have. These non-profit associations illustrate a new tactic in facing today's shortage of accountants.
Spanish Ability Aids California CPAs 05/06/08
California CPAs may want to consider boning up on their Spanish as a career-advancement strategy. With the state's Latino population growing rapidly, accounting firms are serving more Hispanic-owned businesses and Latin American companies seeking to expand in the U.S.
CareerWire: Forensic Accountants For Sub-Prime Suits 05/05/08
A boom in sub-prime-related litigation looks to pump up demand among law firms to hire forensic accountants with deep experience in mortgage securities and derivatives markets.
'Authenticity' Serves Women Executives Well 05/02/08
Women who rise to the upper levels of business follow the same recipe for success as men as they combine vision, intellect, guts and hard work with their ability to influence others. They also add another ingredient: authenticity.
Chicago CPAs and Accountants in Demand 04/29/08
Recruiters and accounting firm insiders report a strong demand for accountants and CPAs in public accounting, the corporate market, and financial services and alternative investment firms in Chicago.
CareerWire: How Much Notice is Enough? 04/28/08
Giving enough notice, maintaining your career's momentum, and more.
Real Paths to the CFO's Chair 04/25/08
Forget everything you've heard. The road to the CFO's chair doesn't always pass through public accounting firms and big company detours that could leave you stranded, staring at spreadsheets in your cubicle for decades. Here's some advice from two CFOs about how to break into the management game.
'Fairness Opinion' Expertise Sought in N.Y. 04/22/08
New York and New Jersey CPAs with fairness opinion expertise are in hot demand. Just what's driving the boom, and what skill sets are needed to get into this growing area of accounting?
CareerWire: Online Networks Grow as Recruiting Tools 04/21/08
Even more managers are looking at your online profile. Can a Top 100 list be a job-hunting tool? And some accountants are starting to get nervous about the economy.
San Francisco Firm on Fast Track 04/18/08
CPA job seekers on the look-out for firms on the rise take notice. Burr Pilger and Mayer took top honors as California's fastest growing accounting firm in 2007. In a state with firms like Armanino McKenna, Holthouse Carlin & Van Trigt, and Novogradac & Co. posting 20 to 30 percent gains - or more - that's no small feat.
Roundup: Hires, Promotions, in Penn., Texas, Miss. 04/17/08
News from Malin, Bergquist in western Pennsylvania, Houston's McConnell Jones Lanier & Murphy, and Eubank & Betts in Jackson, Miss.
Call Me Anything I Want 04/16/08
Would you jump to a new firm if it agreed to give you any title you wanted? Like, say, Chief of the Known Accounting Universe? Don't laugh. More companies are dangling "chief" titles as lures to keep current leaders onboard as well as to entice new employees.
Boston Campus Recruiting Steady - For Now 04/15/08
Campus recruiting in Boston doesn't appear to be dramatically impacted by the economy's recent turmoil.
CareerWire: Working Abroad 04/14/08
A Chicago-area magazine describes some day-to-day concerns of Big Four accountants temporarily posted to India, Europe, Australia and elsewhere.
Tech-Risk Experts Needed in New York 04/11/08
Considering the nature of business today and the growth of legal and financial reporting requirements, it's not surprising technology risk professionals are needed by many corporations. The demand is especially critical in the New York and New Jersey area.
Roundup: Gender Milestone; Merger in Missouri 04/10/08
Clifton Gunderson became the first top-25 CPA firm to name a woman as CEO. Elsewhere, firms in St. Louis, Montana, Pennsylvania and Virginia made key hires.
When Negotiating, Look Beyond Base and Bonus 04/09/08
Even in a ragged job market, candidates who get job offers can improve them. The key is being flexible about what you ask for - and having the confidence to ask in the first place.
How Accountants See Jobs in Non-Profits 04/08/08
Compared to the rest of the people working in the non-profit sector, accounting and finance professionals are more likely to be male, have an MBA and work in middle management.
CareerWire: Is Climate Change the Next Specialty? 04/07/08
Accountants overseas are considering the implications of climate change, the Big Four are among the top 50 companies recognized for activities in diversity, and more.
California Firms Leverage Growth 04/04/08
Fast growth has been a common theme among California accounting firms. In Accounting Today's annual survey of the country's largest firms, four in the Golden State were among the 20 fastest growing. Revenues at Burr, Pilger & Mayer, Armanino McKenna, Novogradac & Co. and Holthouse Carlin & Van Trigt each rose by at least 23 percent.
Roundup: Hires, Promotions in Ohio, California, N.C. 04/03/08
Tax season hasn't stopped personnel moves at firms around the country.
Master's Program at Western Washington 04/02/08
Western Washington University's College of Business and Economics and Department of Accounting will unveil a new Master of Professional Accounting program tonight.
Despite Crunch, Hedge Funds Hire Accountants 04/01/08
Discussion of hedge fund careers usually focuses on portfolio management, where top performers enjoy rock-star status and routinely pull seven- or eight-figure incomes. But funds' need for additional bodies actually is strongest in supporting roles - like accounting.
CareerWire: FDIC Seeks Cleanup Help 03/31/08
The FDIC is hiring, interview horror stories, trading workdays for pay, and more.
Detroit Firm's Focus is Over the Horizon 03/28/08
Clayton & McKervey serves only middle-market entrepreneurs who want to expand globally. Such focus makes it easy to train employees, but harder to find the accountants it wants: Those who already know both IFRS and GAAP.
Roundup: Hirings and Promotions Across U.S. 03/27/08
News from Goodman & Co., Legacy Professionals, Schmitt, Griffiths, Smith & Co., Carneiro, Chumney & Co., Hughes Pittman & Gupton, and SolarCraft.
California Firms See Hiring Throughout 2008 03/26/08
The economy may be slumping, but California CPAs should continue to enjoy a favorable job market.
Show Up, Show Off, Get On The Team 03/25/08
Globalization and increased regulation are making business more complex and causing multifaceted challenges for large and mid-sized businesses. To face them, more companies are creating cross-functional teams that include professionals from a variety of disciplines. This means opportunity for candidates who can be effective team players as well as great technicians.
CareerWire: The Ins, Outs and Sometimes Odd Dynamics of Forensics 03/24/08
How many CPAs can say they've been shot at on the job? The answer, and some thoughts on networking and alternative career paths, in this week's CareerWire.
CPAs Eyes Jobs as Recruiters, Consultants 03/19/08
For many New York-New Jersey CPAs, saying goodbye to the 80-hour work week entails leaving their corporate, Big Four or regional firm to pursue jobs at small consulting firms, specialized recruiters, and others.
Seven Signs You're Getting Good Training 03/18/08
Virtually every accounting firm offers training, but not all firms offer great training. Take this quiz to find out if you're getting just training - or really great training.
CareerWire: The IRS Got There First 03/17/08
Some people say working for the IRS isn't glamorous, but it was the Service's investigators who first suspected something was amiss in (former) N.Y. Gov. Eliot Spitzer's financial records. It just led them in a direction they didn't expect to go.
Make a Social Network Work For You 03/14/08
You may not find your next job by hanging around on Facebook or LinkedIn, but you sure can raise your professional profile.
Roundup: Executive Moves in the Northeast 03/13/08
The AICPA steps up its campaign for mobility laws, while Thomas Rollauer joins Deloitte's regulatory and capital team and Benjamin Gadon becomes a tax partner at New York's Mahoney Cohen & Company.
Few Women See Financial Workplace Gains 03/12/08
Nearly all women working in finance believe they are paid less than men for the same work, and most don't feel they've made much progress when it comes to issues of parity.
Corporate Options Abound in N.Y., N.J. 03/11/08
Accountants in the New York-New Jersey area are fast becoming well-respected experts in business issues beyond accounting, and are gearing up for choice spots in the boardroom.
CareerWire: Deloitte-Branded What? 03/10/08
Firms push recruitment efforts into high school, tech firms still need financial professionals and more.
Heat Continues in Search for Middle Managers 03/07/08
A new report says accounting firms continue to face a particularly acute shortage of mid- and senior-level staff.
CFOs See Slowdown in Hiring 03/05/08
Chief financial officers expect hiring activity in accounting and finance to slow during the second quarter, with the great majority seeing no change in their hiring levels at all.
North-South Gap in California Salaries 03/04/08
If you're an accountant looking to earn more in California, consider this advice: Head north.
CareerWire: Carbon Accounting, Recruiting and Perks 03/03/08
A new accounting system that calculates the size of a business's carbon footprint, some firms base perks on food, and recruiting begins earlier and earlier.
New Resource For Corporate CPAs in California 02/29/08
California CPAs working in business and industry have a new forum for discussing issues of concern, keeping skills up to date, and networking with peers.
The Ins and Outs of International Assignments 02/27/08
You're no longer competing only against the accountant in the next cubicle, now you have to beat out the accountant in the next country, according to a survey of more the 850 C-suite executives in the U.S., the European Union and Asia.
Q&A: Kenn McFarland, CPA, Hospital CFO 02/26/08
"Young accountants don't want to make decisions because they want to do more analysis. I got some wonderful advice: Don't be afraid to make the decision. You've got to have it in your head but you've got to move with your heart."
CareerWire: Campuses Big and Small 02/25/08
It's not only the big-name schools who are building their accounting programs.
The Art of Effective Presentations 02/22/08
Although speaking in public frightens many people, it can help you gain visibility and exposure, and increase your chances of getting that new job or promotion.
Roundup: Hirings and Mergers Across U.S. 02/21/08
Bennett Thrasher hires a director of tax outsourcing. Deloitte launches a pro-bono program. And more.
Hedge Funds Expected to Add CPAs 02/20/08
Hedge funds in New York and New Jersey need CPAs who can handle risk management. Even in the midst of the credit crunch - and maybe because of it - funds will bring on board more accountants as they mature and receive more scrutiny.
CareerWire: Recruiting Tools and Challenges 02/19/08
Separate surveys by BDO Seidman, Robert Half and a professional association took different tacks to quantify the challenges of recruiting and retaining accounting talent, and the best tools for doing so.
Switch Jobs During Tax Season? 02/15/08
With so many empty seats to fill, public accounting firms may be willing to overlook a candidate's willingness to jump during the busy season. But that doesn't mean doing so is a good idea.
Roundup: Mergers and Promotions 02/14/08
Flexible scheduling is losing ground as a recruiting tool. Dixon Hughes absorbs a Memphis firm, while Archer Daniels Midland, CNET and Conn's name new CFOs.
Health Benefits Overshadow Work-Life Balance 02/13/08
Traditional benefits such as health insurance are surging as recruiting tools, while telecommuting and flexible work schedules are losing ground.
Merger Trend Can Impact Careers 02/12/08
If you work in a small CPA firm, would your career suffer if your employer were to merge with a larger organization? If you think so, you'd better start preparing now.
CareerWire: PwC Tops Professor's Survey 02/11/08
Accounting professors ranked PricewaterhouseCoopers first among the Global Seven accounting firms in an annual poll that covers various dimensions including client service, staff training, ethics and compensation, and ranks employers separately in each.
Shrunken Bonuses Spark Grumbling In New York Area 02/08/08
Accountants in financial services firms in New York and New Jersey remain secure in their positions. But with all of the flux going on in the sector, they're beginning to feel a tad discontented.
Best Workplaces: CPA Firms Rank High, But Not Tops 02/07/08
They may be great places to launch a career, but the Big Four landed far from the pinnacle in Fortune Magazine's annual ranking of America's 100 most desirable employers.
Roundup: Mergers, Moves Across U.S. 02/06/08
The hiring landscape's still good, CFOs are sweating about recruitment, and firms are making business moves from Texas to California.
Pay Moving Higher in California 02/05/08
Why are California employers nervous? Because a whole lot of accountants are open to the idea of changing jobs, and their replacements are nowhere in sight.
CareerWire: Interviews Just Got Better 02/04/08
How about this: Employers want to talk to some candidates so badly, they'll pay them for the job interview.
Opportunities in Healthcare Companies 02/01/08
Whatever's happening in the economy, healthcare companies continue to need accountants to keep business going and handle a maze of regulation.
Accounting Workers' Confidence Posts January Rebound 01/31/08
The Hudson Employment Index of confidence among accounting and finance workers rebounded in January after five straight declines, but remains sharply below its level of a year ago.
Roundup: Firm Mergers, Hires, Promotions 01/30/08
CPA firms merge in South Florida, Chicago, Long Island, N.Y., and Fort Worth. In Tucson, a local CPA firm adds two staff accountants, while an industrial firm names a permanent CFO.
Demand Won't Let Up Any Time Soon 01/30/08
The short-term economic outlook may seem dim, but good times are far from over for accounting job candidates.
Accountant Shortage Propels Risk Managers' Bargaining Power 01/29/08
A gap in the ranks of new accountants early this decade is helping drive bidding wars for financial risk managers today, according to research by GRS Group, a London executive search firm.
CareerWire: Mortgage Securities Downturn Hits Big Four? 01/28/08
Retrenchment, or reorganization? A popular financial gossip site says many Deloitte employees in the securitization transaction group will be laid off, relocated or transferred in the next several weeks.
What Mid-Size Firms Seek in California 01/25/08
Despite the slump in real estate and worries about the economy, the market for accountants in Los Angeles and Orange County shows few signs of tailing off. Several small- and mid-sized firms will be adding employees in upcoming months, and even beyond.
The View From Over 50 01/24/08
Twenty one percent of the U.S. workforce will be 55 or older by 2014, says the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. So if you feel superannuated among your Gen X and Y colleagues, you've got age-appropriate company. And the good news is: Employers will value your experience.
Roundup: Rising Pay in S.F. Bay Area 01/23/08
Pay pressures in San Francisco, promotions - and psychological health - in the East. Here's our roundup for the week.
Volunteering: More than 'Feeling Good' 01/22/08
Too busy for volunteer work? There's a reason you may want to find time to squeeze some in: It can boost your career, and even help you be a better accountant.
CareerWire: Telecommuting Gets a Test 01/21/08
A snowstorm puts telecommuting to the test in Massachusetts, a controversy simmers in California, and more.
Demand Rising from N.Y. Non-Profits 01/18/08
Large not-for-profit associations and philanthropic organizations pick the Big Apple as a key spot to locate. For area CPAs with the right credentials, the nonprofit sector holds good, though specialized, opportunities.
Uncovering Your Resume's Hidden Surprises 01/17/08
If a manager searches the Web about that hobby of yours, do you know what they'll find? Are you sure?
Roundup: Mergers, Promotions at Local Firms 01/16/08
Cohen & Company moves into Columbus, StoneTurn Group hires and promotes, and Goldstein Schechter Price Lucas Horwitz merges with Koch Reiss. Here's our roundup.
A New Way to Injure Yourself Online 01/14/08
Job-seekers are often urged to ramp up their use of online tools like personal Web sites, social networking, live-blogging and mobile, Web-based email. Just as with physical tools, however, using any relatively new product poses a risk of self-injury.
CareerWire: Sleep Working 01/14/08
If your firm can't find the accountants it needs, guess who's going to keep things moving? That's right. You are.
Roundup: Mergers in East, Midwest 01/10/08
Small and mid-sized firms are merging in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Here's our roundup.
Midsize Firms Act to Retain Young Accountants 01/09/08
To keep junior staffers from bolting, midsized accounting firms are moving to provide more feedback from managers, formal input into firm decisions, departmental and individual employee work schedules calibrated to minimize the 24/7 syndrome, and mentoring programs.
New Skills Required for CFOs 01/08/08
If you have designs on a chief financial officer's office in California or other points west, you'd be wise to strengthen your communication and other "softer" skills. The region's employers are more likely to hire executives who know how to present information clearly and work well with others. In other words, financial skills aren't enough any more.
N.Y. Area Mergers Driven by Need for Growth 01/07/08
New York and New Jersey CPA firms are still in the midst of a serious reshuffling, as merger mania continues across the Empire and Garden States. But even an attractive merger deal can be fraught with angst for accountants wary of change.
CareerWire: Spanish Skills Preferred 01/07/08
Tax preparers are being urged to brush up on their Spanish. Can the need for bilingual accountants be far behind?
Finance Worker Sentiment Continues to Slide 01/04/08
Confidence among accounting and finance workers remains on an extended slide, new data show.
Roundup: Weaver & Tidwell Expands Energy Practice 01/03/08
The new year begins with mergers of firms large and small.
Balance at Deloitte 01/02/08
We talk with Deloitte Services' Anne C. Weisberg, a director specializing in talent diversity, about the firm's experience in keeping up with the changing workforce.
Follow Ups Are Important - Even When There's No Reply 12/27/07
Conventional wisdom says you should always follow up with prospective employers after you've sent them a resume or met them for an interview. But many candidates find such tactics fruitless: Either they receive no response from their actual contact, or find no way to reach a live human being. We asked Dawn Fay, a New York vice president for recruiter Robert Half International, how best to proceed.
CareerWire: Escaping to Interview 12/26/07
If you're job-hunting while working, there are better options than using your sick days to get away from your office for job interviews.
'Average' Monthly Confidence Among Accounting Workers Gained in 2007 12/21/07
Employee confidence looks to end 2007 at a record low among both accounting and finance workers and the overall U.S. population, according to one widely followed monthly survey. But connoisseurs of rear-view-mirror driving can take comfort from this: averaged throughout the first 11 months of 2007, the monthly Hudson Employment Index slightly exceeded the monthly average for 2006.
More Risk Opportunities for N.Y. Area CPAs 12/20/07
Management accountants in the New York metropolitan area are finding increasing opportunities in the burgeoning field of enterprise risk management. But the jobs require the right combination of technical, financial, industry, and managerial savvy.
Introverted? Consider Accounting and Auditing… 12/19/07
Opportunities for accountants and auditors are expected to grow more than 22 percent between now and 2014, which may be good news for people who want to strike a balance between working with others and working alone.
Accounting Grads Seek Opportunity Over Dollars 12/18/07
The class of 2008's business majors seemed more focused on where their careers might take them rather than how much they'll receive in their first pay packet.
CareerWire: Tips for Career Changers 12/17/07
Thinking of changing careers? When it comes to making a plan, you've got to sweat the details. That and more in this week's CareerWire.
Ask the Expert: Your Degree is Nice, but Experience is Critical 12/14/07
You've got the degree, but finance departments often want real experience before they hire someone. What do you do? Our expert has the answer.
Hedge Funds Need Accounting Talent - And Pay for It 12/13/07
I want to say just two words to you, Ben. "Hedge funds."
Office Politics and You 12/12/07
Pam Hedges has spent nearly thirty years advising senior executives - including CFOs, controllers and other financial executives in a range of industries - about how to do their jobs better. Among her themes: being "politically competent" in the workplace by building strong ties with people, including subordinates and peers.
Big Four Diversity Programs: A Wrap-Up 12/11/07
The Big Four initiated diversity programs before much of the finance world. But just what do those efforts consist of today? In recent interviews, the firms offered up details of their current programs.
CareerWire: Tricks for Online Networkers 12/10/07
Which social networking site is the most effective for CPAs?
Calif. CPA Focuses Practice on 'Special Needs' Families 12/07/07
Some California accountants believe they don't have many options when it comes to what industries or areas they cover. But a few have broadened the playing field by creating practices around their own outside interests or causes.
Finance Staffers Glum, But CFOs Plan Hiring 12/06/07
Two surveys show different views of the job market: While accounting and finance staffers are increasingly nervous about it, CFOs plan to keep hiring.
N.Y. Area Litigation Experts in Demand 12/05/07
Area CPAs acting as litigation experts are enjoying prosperity as New York and New Jersey accounting firms and corporations lean more heavily on their specialized skills.
Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Get Me a Job 12/04/07
Fiddler on the Roof had Yenta, the matchmaker. The corporate world has recruiters. Same principle, slightly different parameters. But if you want to find a job you love, developing a relationship with a recruiter, says Heidrick and Struggles' Michele Heid, "is a phenomenal idea."
CareerWire: Ethics and the Real World 12/03/07
Some recent surveys indicate the push toward corporate responsibility may not be as strong as many say - at least as far as job-hunters are concerned.
Is This Job Offer for Real? 12/02/07
How do you protect yourself from fake job offers you might receive from spammers? Here are some tips.
It's Not About Balance - It's About Reality 11/30/07
Notoriously long hours, detail-oriented work, and considerable face time are parts and parcels of the CPA's working life. For accounting firms, changing this kind of culture may be even more important than money in the quest for new hires.
Audit Opportunities Expand As Private Companies 'Go Bright' 11/29/07
Sarbanes-Oxley is creating jobs for internal control and audit professionals within companies not formally subject to the five-year-old law.
'Responsibility' Reporting Poised to Widen? 11/28/07
Corporations and investors are increasingly adopting environmental, social and governance measures of performance, alongside the usual financial ones. That means expanded career opportunities for internal auditors, management consultants and other professionals who can apply a new generation of non-financial reporting tools. The activities of finance departments and external auditors will be affected as well. But it's going to happen slowly.
Area Accountants Feel Wall Street's Pain 11/27/07
With record write-downs reported at large banks and investment firms, many of which are headquartered in the tri-state region, it's not surprising that hiring is slowing down. New York, New Jersey and Connecticut accountants needn't rush to these firms looking for a golden opportunity, at least not in the short-term.
CareerWire: Punctuality and Other Tricks 11/26/07
It's the little things - like showing up on time - that can sometimes make you stand out.
Getting Credit When Credit is Due 11/21/07
You're doing all the work and someone else is taking all the credit. It's not only unfair, but it may affect your career. Handling the situation requires tact, diplomacy and a plan.
How Clothes Make the Accountant 11/20/07
In California, most accounting firms favor business casual attire. Staples of twentieth century office life - like ties and jackets for men or hosiery for women – are largely passe. So, what do the well-dressed accountants wear? Pay attention if you want to look the part.
CareerWire: The IRS Man Behind Bonds' Indictment 11/19/07
How often do IRS special agents get into the spotlight - whether they want to or not?
What to do With Ethical Questions 11/16/07
If you stay in finance and accounting long enough, someone is going to ask you to fudge something. What should you do? First, clarify the situation, then refuse to act unethically and seek input from outside sources and people further up the chain of command.
Network Your Way to the Top 11/15/07
"I can find my next job all by myself" is one myth that needs to be exploded, say search experts. The old conventional wisdom, "It's not what you know, it's who you know," is alive and well. So get out of your chair, into some social and professional events, and nurture your network.
How Long Should Your Resume Be? 11/14/07
For any resume, a key to success is length - or lack of it. It's critical to understand not only how a resume is reviewed, but what its length says about your professionalism.
Successful Job Hunts Begin with a Plan 11/13/07
Starting a job search by revising your resume isn't much different from saying "Ready, fire, aim."
CareerWire: How You View Networking 11/12/07
Online or offline, on LinkedIn or through e-mail, many accountants and financial professionals understand the importance of keeping in touch.
Conflict Resolution Skills Can Boost Careers 11/09/07
While accountants are used to helping clients solve difficult problems, they're often less adept at resolving issues within their own firms. Reserved by nature, they tend to shy away from conflict and let situations fester. What they may not realize is the ability to resolve disagreements can be a great tool in developing their careers.
Success with Telephone Interviews 11/08/07
Telephone interviews can be trying. There are no visual cues from the interviewer, no body language to read and, in some cases, you've got to answer questions posed by a panel of voices over conference lines or speaker phones. Here's some tips on engaging successfully - long-distance or local.
How to Leapfrog the Pay Scale 11/07/07
Through a recruiter, a former co-worker got an offer for 30 percent more than he was making. His employer offered him 50 percent more to stay. How do you orchestrate a deal like that for yourself?
N.Y./N.J.: Advisory Services Staff Up With CPAs 11/06/07
Small and mid-sized CPA firms in the New York metro area are branching out into business consulting, giving rise to a new category of professional opportunities for accountants.
CareerWire: Paying Lip Service to Ethics 11/05/07
Having detailed corporate ethics policies appears to be primarily a "CYA" activity for the C-suite.
Ask the Expert: How to Find Solid References 11/02/07
"I've interviewed for a position with a company that wants to contact my current employer for a reference. Obviously, I don't want anyone in my firm to know I'm looking for a new job, in case I decide to stay put. However, I've worked here for the last 15 years, and so no other references seem relevant. What should I do?"
Accounting Workers' Confidence Slides 11/01/07
Accounting and finance workers' confidence appears to be swinging downward more steeply than among the U.S. adult population as a whole, new surveys show.
Relocating Means Negotiating the Best Package 10/31/07
You live in Baltimore and you've been offered two jobs: one in Kansas City and the other in Columbus. The jobs pay the same, but the company in Kansas City will pay your relocation expenses. How hard will your wallet be hit if you decide Ohio's the place for you?
Calif. CPAs Meld Tech, Accounting Skills 10/30/07
The use of technology for business is opening up new job opportunities for California CPAs. Consider the growing number of consultancies that need CPAs to help implement and support business management software. The work can be stimulating for accountants who want to try something beyond public firms or private industry.
CareerWire: Networking Survival 10/29/07
Networking is an important - most would say critical - tool to use in managing your career. Yes, there are drawbacks to it. But there are ways to address the downsides.
It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time… 10/26/07
The new job sounded perfect: a great working environment, the right amount of travel and an exciting accounting challenge. But a month after you started, you realize the working environment is toxic, the travel is non-stop and your biggest challenge is figuring out what to do about it.
Accountants' Starting Salaries Pushed Higher 10/25/07
Starting salaries for accounting and finance professionals are expected to increase an average of 4.3 percent in 2008, according to Robert Half International's 2008 Salary Guide. Public accountants, financial analysts and internal auditors are expected to see the largest gains.
Employers Open to Jobless CPAs 10/24/07
With a dearth of talent on the market, companies in the New York metro area are considering candidates they might not have looked at before. That's good news for CPAs who got pushed out of large firms for growing too old, and for mass-layoff victims.
Q&A: Jerrold Pellizzon, CFO, Ceradyne Inc. 10/23/07
"I don't think you can be focused on just being the guy who crunches numbers. It's the analytics that you need to put together with those numbers. To quantify something is great but you have to look at the quality aspect of something. I think a lot of times financial people are stuck on the quantifying approach too much."
CareerWire: Limits of Electronic Communications 10/22/07
While e-mail, intranets and PDAs are critical for doing business, companies are realizing that they work best when they supplement good old face-to-face relationship building.
Accounting, Job Security, and You 10/19/07
Pretend you're a techie: Someone offers you a raise or even just an opportunity to work with a product that's new and cool. You'll probably happily leap to the new job. But you're an accountant. Someone offers you $10,000 more a year, and maybe - maybe - you'll consider their offer. What's up with that?
Should You Take Notes in an Interview? 10/18/07
If a job interview is an exchange of information, is it proper for you to take notes during the conversation? It depends who you ask. We checked with a variety of career authorities and received a diversity of answers.
Firm Merging? Your Job's Probably Safe 10/17/07
The perpetual search for talent and leadership is propelling a wave of mergers and acquisitions among accounting firms. If your shop is involved, should you be concerned about your job?
Ask the Expert: Waiting for the Right Offer 10/16/07
"I've been offered a job at one firm, but also interviewed for a position at another, a place where I'd prefer working. How do I hold off replying to the first firm until I have a sense of what's happening at my first choice?"
CareerWire: Cautionary E-Mail Tales 10/15/07
You'd think by now people would be careful about forwarding funky e-mails to their friends. Think again.
N.Y., N.J. Companies Recruit Auditors Out-of-State 10/12/07
New York and New Jersey recruiters are looking high and low for CPA audit pros as the field continues to churn and burn staffers. Now, firms are filling openings with folks from outside the area - another sign the market is red-hot.
Negotiating Severance Upfront Can Be Tricky 10/11/07
If you're a below-C-level employee, a golden parachute may be beyond reach. But you may be able to get a golden umbrella that protects you if it starts raining pink slips.
The Job Hunt: Birth of a Salesman 10/10/07
Regardless of your professional experience and title, when you're job hunting you become a salesman with one product: you.
CareerWire: Sometimes You Have to Sell 10/09/07
If you prefer tooling through spreadsheets or a QuickBooks problem to chatting people up at a chamber of commerce breakfast, you may need to make a conscious effort get out more.
Firms Venture into New Territories 10/05/07
Last month, California-based Armanino McKenna LLP ventured into new territory, launching what could be the accounting industry's first media consulting practice, Armanino McKenna Foster. The move is just one illustration of how some firms are expanding their non-accounting services.
Considering a Career Change? Plan Ahead 10/04/07
Many career experts say modern workers will have multiple careers over the course of their lifetimes. Certainly a number of accountants mull what life would be like if they were focusing on something besides tax returns and accounting rules. But changing careers is difficult. It requires a great deal of perseverance, conviction and quite frequently a temporary downshift in lifestyle. However, the rewards can be fruitful.
Move to a Non-Profit With Open Eyes 10/03/07
If you day dream about using your skills to sway the electorate, shelter the homeless or spread your religion, a move into the non-profit sector may brighten your workday. It'll also lighten your wallet.
Calif. Demand Strong, But Lags Other Areas 10/02/07
The market for accountants and finance professionals in California will remain strong during the fourth quarter, according to the latest Robert Half International Hiring Index. But demand will lag behind the regional and national average in the state's four largest cities.
CareerWire: Listening to Your Critics 10/01/07
As painful as it may be to listen to, honest criticism can help improve our performance on the job. Here are some ways to spin negatives into positives.
A Primer for Interview Disaster Recovery 09/28/07
Smoothly recovering from an interview faux pas can help a candidate's cause. The problem is: Most people who slip up are unaware they've done so.
N.J. CPAs Want Better Pay, Mentors 09/27/07
CPAs in New Jersey are looking for better working conditions and better pay for their overtime efforts, one partner says.
Looking for a New Job - Discreetly 09/26/07
Elizabeth Taylor excepted, most people change jobs more often than they do mates. But no matter how many times you do it, looking for a new position when you already have one can be tricky.
Finance Staffs to Expand in Fourth Quarter? 09/25/07
A growing number of CFOs are stepping up their own departments' hiring plans for next quarter, a new survey shows.
CareerWire: Thoughts on Diversity 09/24/07
Can diversity programs succeed without real culture change - change that extends far beyond the offices of accounting firms?
Mature Workers: A New Challenge for Employers 09/23/07
By the end of this decade, some 64 million baby boomers will stare down the road to retirement. This fact leaves some companies facing an about-turn on their employment practices.
Audit Sector Outlook Remains Bright 09/21/07
Auditing client companies' books was the traditional raison d'etre of public accounting firms. The growth of newer services such as consulting, merger advice and compliance testing has reinforced the market power of both CPA firms and the professionals who work in them.
Choosing a Resume Consultant 09/20/07
It's a daunting task for anyone to prepare a good resume, especially if you're the kind of person that has difficulty expressing yourself on paper. If you are one of those people, or just figure you'd like some help, does it make sense to hire one of the countless writers out there who profess to be resume professionals?
Do Minority Women Have a Reason to Stay? 09/19/07
For many minority women, cultural challenges and a feeling of exclusion make it easy to leave their current firms. They can empower themselves to succeed, but many are asking if it's worth it.
Six Things Not to Do During an Interview 09/18/07
An interview is a chance to show you're a standout. A bad interview will make you memorable for all the wrong reasons.
CareerWire: Vacation Self-Discipline 09/17/07
More than one-third of accountants take a computer with them on vacation. This is R&R?
CFOs Less Upbeat About Economy and Hiring 09/14/07
Business sentiment among CFOs dived this quarter, according to a survey by Duke University and CFO magazine. A Duke finance professor says the results raise the odds of recession.
A Blog on Certification Woes 09/13/07
Building on the popularity of the Internet as a form of communication for younger CPAs and accounting students, the New Jersey Society of CPAs' Web site now features the “Exam Cram Blog.”
Fewer Top-Level Shifts in Finance - For Now 09/12/07
For better or worse, if you work at a giant public company your odds of having a new CFO this year are the lowest since 1995. But that's about to change, a C-suite headhunter predicts.
Will This Recruiter Get Me a Job? 09/11/07
Time is money. So, should you make an investment by interviewing with agency recruiters when looking for a new opportunity? The answer is yes - if the recruiter has available jobs that match your skill set and career goals.
United Commercial Bank Adding Financial Staff 09/10/07
United Commercial Bank is on the prowl. Over the next year, the San Francisco-based commercial bank wants to add to its treasury and controller departments, in positions ranging from low-middle to more senior posts.
Ask the Expert: How Do I Resign 'Professionally?' 09/06/07
"We've had a management change at our firm, and I am very unhappy with my new supervisor. The one I worked with for the last five months has just disappeared. I'm planning to resign and wonder whether I can do this verbally, or must I write a resignation letter?"
In Job-Hunting, Subtle is Best 09/05/07
Of course, you want to stand out. But when you're trying to convince a firm you're the solution to their problems, there's a fine line between creative and weird.
CareerWire: Have You Thought of Personal Branding? 09/04/07
Is personal branding about more than just spin? We think so.
To Blog or Not to Blog? 08/30/07
Visibility and Web-savvy are useful when job-hunting. So, should you merge those goals by starting your own financial Web site or blog? In most situations, experts say no.
Facing the Tough Stuff 08/29/07
What do Steven Jobs, Howard Stern and Terrell Owens have in common? They've all been fired. While at the time it seems devastating, most people rebound after termination and move on to new opportunities. One thing is certain: To get your next job you'll need to answer questions about why you left your last one.
Compliance, M&A Drive Hiring in N.Y., N.J. 08/28/07
Compliance initiatives and merger and acquisition work are driving CPA hiring in New York and New Jersey. Meanwhile, professional ethics remain in focus for Empire State accountants, as the state's industry association appoints the first public member - a former New York State comptroller- to its professional ethics committee.
CareerWire: Privacy Online? Maybe. 08/27/07
Like it or not, when you post online funky photos or tales of your weekend partying, you're setting yourself up for judgment.
Calif. Firm Delves into Communications Consulting 08/24/07
California accounting firm Armanino McKenna has brought on a publishing industry veteran to form a communications and media consulting firm.
Ask the Expert: About Professional Associations... 08/22/07
"My boss wants me to join his professional association. It's a big financial and time commitment, and I'm not sure I see the benefit. Am I missing something?"
Cover Letters: Not Extinct, Just Evolved 08/21/07
The paperless world of electronic job boards means you don't need a cover letter any more, right? Well, actually, no.
CareerWire: Gen Y in the Real World 08/20/07
Gen Y'ers are changing the business world - but will they be able to adapt themselves? This and more from last week's blog.
Certifications Boost Pay for Management Accountants 08/17/07
Despite demand, salaries for management accountants have been rising only modestly. However, bonuses and profit sharing are picking up, and the money for those with relevant certifications - like the CPA and CFM - remains much higher than for those without.
Calif. Program Targets Industry CPAs 08/16/07
An increasing number of CPAs have been filling leadership roles in California's non-accounting firms. Yet traditionally, most programming from the state's leading accounting organization has targeted CPAs at public accounting firms. Now, the California Society of Certified Public Accountants thinks it's fixed that.
Recruiters Hunt in Association Directories 08/15/07
Joining a professional association for accounting or financial professionals may have an added benefit beyond networking and keeping up-to-date on industry trends: Recruiters are increasingly combing their membership lists of potential job candidates.
Get Ready: Four Trends to Watch 08/14/07
Just as CPAs have caught up with the changes wrought by Sarbanes-Oxley, a whole new set of dynamics is coming down the pike. The time to prepare is now.
CareerWire: The Inside Scoop 08/13/07
Learning what life is really like at a potential employer takes a strategy, discretion and contacts - and contacts only come with a long-term networking effort. This and more were covered on our blog last week.
AICPA to H.S. Students: Look Over Here! 08/10/07
As the pressure for talent continues, the AICPA is looking for ways to encourage high school students to pursue the education they need to become accountants - and to remember who their friends were along the way.
CalCPA Chair Focused on Women, Corporate CPAs 08/09/07
Three months into her one-year term, the chairman of the California Society for Certified Public Accountants has two major goals: Encouraging more firms to promote women into partnership roles, and providing more resources for accountants in senior positions throughout the state.
Ace the Interview at Age 50+ 08/08/07
Rejecting a candidate because of their age is illegal, right? Ask anyone over the age of 50 and they will probably tell you that, despite what the law says, there have been times where they felt discriminated against because of their age.
N.J. Sees Need for Forensic Accountants 08/07/07
A New Jersey community college is responding to the demand for forensic accountants, and an executive recruiter observes the specific job needs in the area around Parsippany. Across the river in New York, the state's CPA society holds its annual leadership conference.
CareerWire: Stand Up, Get Up, Network 08/06/07
Networking is really pretty simple. But you have to get up out of your chair to do it - Facebook or not. This and other highlights from our blog are here.
Winning Strategies for Loser Projects 08/03/07
It's unavoidable: Projects appear that no one wants to tackle. Some of them are bound to end up in your lap, and when they do you might as well take them on cheerfully. If nothing else, your attitude may get you noticed.
In Networking, Making Introductions Pays Off 08/02/07
When people think about networking, they usually put it in the context of meeting other people. But when you're out there developing a group of contacts who can help you with advice, job tips and raw information about potential employers, it's important to remember these same people are looking for you to help them.
How to Ask for a Raise 08/01/07
You've done your homework, methodically assessed your skills and experience, consulted salary surveys, and determined you're worth more than you're getting. So, how do you broach the subject with your boss, much less negotiate a successful outcome?
Ask the Expert: Job-Hunting From Out of Town 07/31/07
How do you handle the nuts and bolts of looking for a job in one area while you live in a distant state?
CareerWire: The Big Four Approach to Retention 07/30/07
Our blog offers daily news and advice for accountants and finance professionals. Here are some of our recent highlights. Among them: Why and how the Big Four focus on retention.
When Returning to Work, Networking is Job 1 07/27/07
So, you've stopped working and now you want to come back. If you've let your network unravel, it's time to pick up the phone.
Got an Offer? There's Negotiating to Do 07/26/07
View every application process as an extended negotiation - one that neither begins nor ends when an offer is made.
Think Carefully When Weighing Counter Offers 07/24/07
Have an offer on the table? While candidates are enjoying good times, with employers dangling more money and higher bonuses in a bid to get them to jump ship, local recruiters say you should think twice before accepting any generous counteroffers from your present employer.
CareerWire: Best of the Blog 07/23/07
Our blog offers daily news and advice for accountants and finance professionals. Here are some of our recent highlights. Are you networking enough?
Ask the Expert: A Coach or Not a Coach? 07/19/07
"I've been working at my firm for four years and I'm having difficulty moving into management. I'm considering a coach but wonder if it's worth the expense. What do you think?"
Networking Doesn't Have to be Hard 07/18/07
Although better networking can boost career opportunities, many accountants don't spend enough time doing it. Of those who do, many got about it in the wrong way, without enthusiasm or strategy. Here's some tips on networking effectively. It's not that hard.
PWC Partner Appointments Show China Tilt 07/17/07
PricewaterhouseCoopers isn't just doing more work in China; it's ramping up the number of partners there, too.
CareerWire: Best of the Blog 07/16/07
Our blog offers daily news and advice for accountants and finance professionals. Here are some of our recent highlights. Among this week's: Can you NEVER burn a bridge?
Higher Profile Seen For Internal Auditors 07/16/07
Internal auditors believe they are gaining influence and visibility with senior corporate managements, a broad-based international survey suggests. The sector "is predicted to expand its role in organizational governance and risk management," according to the Institute of Internal Auditors, which released the survey last week.
Howard Organizes Effort to Add, Retain Black CPAs 07/13/07
A partnership that includes Howard University, a number of minority-owned accounting firms and several large firms are seeking to increase the number of African-Americans who become accountants, and increase the proportion of those who remain in the field.
NY/NJ: Risk, Compliance, Process Firms Seek Pros 07/11/07
While regional risk, tax and audit firms are enjoying good times with plenty of work on the horizon, the graying of their workforce may present problems in the near future. And, since summer generally offers a slower pace at work, this might be a good time to brush up on critical CPE credits.
Sometimes Smaller is Better 07/10/07
While there's no question that larger organization - whether corporations or public agencies - offer solid career paths, a number of California accountants continue to find success in smaller, family run businesses. And, because they play a bigger part in their company's performance, these CPAs believe their experience has been more professionally rewarding.
CareerWire: Best of the Blog 07/09/07
Our blog offers daily news and advice for accountants and finance professionals. Here are some of our recent highlights. Among this week's: Negotiating a flexible schedule.
To Manage Your Career, Know Thyself 07/06/07
When Socrates said "know thyself," he probably wasn't offering career management advice. But whether he intended it or not, it's career advice that works. Just listen to the experts.
Standards Convergence: Further Spur to Offshoring? 07/05/07
The accelerating movement to adopt international accounting standards within the U.S. could eventually force accountants into the same sinking boat as Americans in other businesses, warns accounting educator Bruce Pounder.
CFOs Scramble to Find Qualified Workers 07/03/07
An influential quarterly survey of CFOs of primarily midsize companies found reduced hiring expectations compared with three months ago, yet more than one in four respondents said their greatest business challenge is "finding qualified workers."
CareerWire: Best of the Blog 07/02/07
Our blog offers daily news and advice for accountants and finance professionals. Here are some of our recent highlights. Among this week's: Don't be afraid to request relief.
EEOC Lawsuit Spotlights Perils of Workplace Culture 06/29/07
If the culture of your workplace has a dark side, you'd be smart to steer clear of it, even at the cost of looking like a party-pooper.
N.Y./N.J.: Wall Street, Hedge Funds Seek Finance Pros 06/28/07
Investment firms are driving demand for risk pros and industry-knowledgeable accountants in the New York area. In New Jersey, the State Board of Accountancy posted some clarfications to its continuing education requirements for licensees.
Audit Committees Raise Concern About IT Risk 06/27/07
Information technology is poised to attract increased scrutiny from audit committees, a new survey of public companies' audit committee members indicates.
To Find Job Openings, Follow the Money and the News 06/26/07
When in doubt as to where to apply first, seek out the hot companies.
CareerWire: Best of the Blog 06/25/07
Our blog offers daily news and advice for accountants and finance professionals. Here are some of our recent highlights. Among this week's: Beware of job-board scams.
Ask the Expert: Is My Resume Too Long? 06/22/07
"I was unexpectedly laid off and I'm not prepared to retire. My resume is four pages long and spans a 35-year career. Do I need to get it down to two pages and if so, how do I do that?"
Growing Role For CPAs in Risk Management 06/21/07
Michael S. Kridel, partner in Daszkal Bolton LLP in Boca Raton, Fla., talks about the risk management role for today's CPA: "We look for strong communicators, and those who are interested in being respected, but not necessarily in being liked. These are the people who will make the right decisions regardless of personal relationships."
Five Ways to Become Job-Search Savvy 06/20/07
Some people scour jobs boards, others network like there's no tomorrow. Whatever your job-search strategy, here's five tips to help you stand out from the pack.
N.Y./N.J.: Generalists Still Needed 06/19/07
Specialized CPAs are at work in many area financial firms, but generalists are still sought. Meanwhile, reform legislation is on the horizon in the Empire State.
CareerWire: Best of the Blog 06/18/07
Our blog offers daily news and advice for accountants and finance professionals. Here are some of our recent highlights. Among this week's: Raising your visibility - nicely.
Job-Market Forecast: Not a Cloud in Sight 06/15/07
Accountants across the spectrum can look forward to a favorable job market for years to come, according to a wide range of industry observers.
The Rise of the Part-Time CFO 06/14/07
They sport names like B2B CFO, CFO Network, and Your CFO For Rent. Most are one-man shops, vehicles for semi-retired accountants or full-time freelancers to control their own work lives. But the ranks of part-time CFO vendors also include some team practices with support staffs and a regional, or even nationwide, client base.
'Fiduciary Accounting' a Growing Niche 06/12/07
With the responsibilities - and liabilities - of those who oversee direct investments growing, opportunities are increasing for CPAs in the area of fiduciary services. As accountants branch out beyond traditional tax services, their roles here can fit easily with many of their pre-existing skills.
CareerWire: Best of the Blog 06/11/07
Our blog offers daily news and advice for accountants and finance professionals. Here are some of our recent highlights. Among this week's: Auditing on Broadway (and we don't mean at the Tonys).
Ten Ways to Show You Don't Want That Job 06/08/07
During the dance that goes on between a candidate and employer, you've got many chances to shoot yourself in the foot. In no particular order, here are 10 ways to pull the trigger.
Firms Showcase Concern for Staff Success 06/07/07
How do you handle problem employees? Growing accounting firms in California are learning the answer: with great care. These firms have come to understand that how they treat workers who've gone astray speaks volumes. Demonstrating they are genuinely concerned with their staff's success can be a boon to their recruiting efforts.
CPA Shortages Impact Work at Senior Levels 06/06/07
CPAs with a few years of experience are benefiting from a supply-demand imbalance that's pushing up salaries at a double-digit clip. That's good news for younger accountants still working their way toward certification.
Shape an Offer Through Shadow Negotiating 06/05/07
You've made it through five interviews, a personality test, a sample assignment, and weeks of nail-biting. At last, you get an offer. But it's 25 percent less than you'd hoped for. Now what?
CareerWire: Best of the Blog 06/04/07
Our blog offers daily news and advice for accountants and finance professionals. Here are some of our recent highlights. Among this week's: Why are audit costs exploding?
UK Seeks Accountants for Risk Jobs 06/01/07
British banks have exhausted the their supply of senior risk specialists and are seeking accountants from overseas to fill open risk positions.
Women Gain at Illinois Firms - Slowly 05/31/07
A survey by the Illinois CPA Society found only slight shifts in hiring and retention patterns among women from last year, and says women are still underrepresented in key leadership positions at firms throughout the state.
Five Steps to a Standout Resume 05/30/07
Before you land an interview, you'll need to make sure you've got one of your job-hunting tools honed to a razor's edge: your resume.
CareerWire: Best of the Blog 05/29/07
Our blog offers daily news and advice for accountants and finance professionals. Here are some of our recent highlights. Among this week's: Your resume should be focused.
Are Employers Too Picky? 05/25/07
It takes months to fill an opening, hiring managers lament. It takes months to land a job, applicants complain. If both sides want speed, what's taking so long?
Stepping Off the Fast Track 05/24/07
So, you're six or eight years into your career and you've decided the partnership track isn't for you. What happens now?
Standing Out in the First Five Minutes 05/23/07
Although most job interviews take at least an hour, hiring managers often decide how they feel about a candidate within a few minutes of shaking hands. So, it's critical that you separate yourself from the pack right away. Here's how to do it.
California Conference Focuses on Careers 05/22/07
The success of the recent Young Professionals Conference in California underscores rising interest in the accounting profession nationwide. More than 300 professionals from around the state gathered to hear, among other things, tips for developing a successful career.
CareerWire: Best of the Blog 05/21/07
Our blog offers daily news and advice for accountants and finance professionals. Here are some of our recent highlights. Among this week: How happy are you?
CPAs Weigh Outsourcing Certification 05/18/07
As more corporations consider business-process outsourcing, professionals involved in related decision-making - including management accountants - are seeking to establish ways to recognize their expertise and build on their skills sets.
College Skills Translate to the Office 05/17/07
You might be surprised by how well some of the tricks you learned to get through college apply to the working world.
New York/New Jersey: Signing Bonuses Rise 05/16/07
In New York, a lack of talent is pushing signing bonuses higher for CPAs, while in New Jersey, a new orientation program in ethics has debuted.
Ask the Expert: Is My Salary Where It Should Be? 05/15/07
"I think my coworker with less experience is making more than me. How do I know what salary I should be making?"
CareerWire: Best of the Blog 05/14/07
Our blog offers daily news and advice for accountants and finance professionals. Here are some of our recent highlights. Among this week: How confidant are accountants?
Fine-Tune Your Recruiter Connections 05/10/07
For many job-seekers, working with search firms is an emotionally laden topic. We asked recruiters and career counselors for some do's and dont's to help you make the most of opportunities these agencies can offer.
Don't Be Digitally Invisible 05/09/07
First, there was "digital dirt." Now there are the "unGoogleables."
MBAs See Lowest Pay Within Accounting Sector 05/08/07
MBA candidates ranked accounting as the lowest-paying among 47 industries included in Fortune Magazine’s 2007 survey of attitudes toward various employers and professional roles.
Your Boss is Going - Do You Follow? 05/08/07
Imagine you're working for a high-flying boss who asks you to join her at a new company. Or a former supervisor rings you up to say there's an opportunity at his firm that's too good to pass up. Should you stay or should you go?
CareerWire: Best of the Blog 05/07/07
We update our Blog daily with news and advice for accountants and finance professionals. Here are some of our recent highlights.
Calif. Wrap-Up: Mentoring a Key to Retention 05/04/07
Mid-size accounting firms around the Golden State are using mentoring as a way to recruit and retain the best talent they can find.
N.Y./N.J.: Revised 'Qualifying Experience' 05/03/07
The New York State Board for Public Accountancy expands the definition of experience for first-time CPAs and increase mandatory education hours; New Jersey accountants stay ahead of the market with certifications, and Garden State's CPA association hosts a conference for controllers looking to become CFOs.
Calif. Financial Firms Embrace Telecommuting 05/02/07
In California, some small and mid-sized financial services firms are making increased use of telecommuting. They're allowing more employees to work part- or full-time at home, sometimes at great distances from any office hub.
Getting the Lowdown on Potential Employers 05/01/07
Of course, you want to know what it's like to work for a firm before you relocate your coffee mug and family pictures to your new desk. Save for having a friend on the inside, how do you get the dirt on a company's culture?
CareerWire: Best of the Blog 04/30/07
We update our Blog daily with news and advice for accountants and finance professionals. Here are some of our recent highlights.
Return-to-Work Roundtables Planned in Four Cities 04/27/07
Tuck Executive Education at Dartmouth is convening roundtable discussions in four cities to explore how professionals can make "the cultural and logistical leap" back to the workforce after they've been away from office for a long period of time.
Calif. Wrap-Up: Non-Profits Can Be Intense, Too 04/26/07
Opportunities in non-profits can be as challenging as in business... Educational institutions seeks financial professionals... Education Foundation plans conference for young professionals.
N.Y. Conference Focuses on Broker/Dealer Accounting 04/25/07
New York area CPAs who want to get a leg up on the hedge fund or broker-dealer arena should consider attending the Foundation for Accounting Education's 2007 Broker/Dealer Conference in May.
N.Y. Conference Focuses on Broker-Dealer Accounting 04/25/07
New York area CPAs who want to get leg up in the hedge fund or broker-dealer arena should consider attending the Foundation for Accounting Education's 2007 Broker-Dealer Conference in May.
XBRL Know-How Means Extra Pay for CPAs 04/25/07
If you're an analyst who's on a first-name basis with EDGAR, you might want to meet its new cousin, XBRL. A beautiful, and profitable, relationship could result.
IRS Seeks IT, Appeals Specialists 04/24/07
The IRS is stepping up recruitment to fill anticipated gaps in a number of specialized fields, including information technology and appeals officers.
CareerWire: Best of the Blog 04/23/07
Several times a day, we update our JobsintheMoney Blog with news and advice for accountants and finance professionals. Here are some of last week's best items.
To Open Doors, Woo the Gatekeeper 04/20/07
Even before they get to the job interview, applicants must be articulate, polite and compelling. It's not the hiring manager you're trying to impress - it's the corporate gatekeepers. Make friends with them, and whole new worlds can open up.
A Tip on Managing Your Career 04/19/07
Richard Franchella, senior managing director at RBC Dain Rauscher in New York, has a simple suggestion for approaching career management.
Banking Firms Prepare for Slowdown 04/17/07
Citigroup isn't the only bank taking a knife to its expenses. Wachovia, First Horizon and SunTrust are also girding for a slowdown.
CareerWire: The Best of the Blog 04/16/07
Several times a day, we update our JobsintheMoney Blog with news and advice for accountants and finance professionals. Here are some of last week's best items.
Q&A: Mitchell & Titus CEO Bert N. Mitchell 04/13/07
A conversation with Bert N. Mitchell, chairman and chief executive of Mitchell & Titus, the largest African-American controlled accounting firm in the U.S.: "As you advance in accounting, you start managing more than just the numbers. You have to manage people."
Solution to CPA Crunch is On-Campus 04/12/07
The salad days are continuing at California's accounting programs. At a number of schools, inquiries and enrollment have continued rising over the past year, continuing an upward trend that's half a decade long.
Managing Up: True Life Tales 04/11/07
The guidelines for managing up sound simple and straightforward. Among other things, you must communicate clearly and openly, anticipate your boss's needs, avoid surprises, be sensitive to his work and management styles and, in general, make him look good to both superiors and subordinates. Tales from the trenches tell a similar story.
Managing Up: True Life Tales 04/11/07
The guidelines for managing up sound simple and straightforward. Among other things, you must communicate clearly and openly, anticipate your boss's needs, avoid surprises, be sensitive to his work and management styles and, in general, make him look good to both superiors and subordinates. Tales from the trenches tell a similar story.
California CPAs Urged to Be Aggressive 04/10/07
Financial professionals need to be more aggressive job seekers, says one executive recruiter. "The war for talent is still on and getting larger," Paul Herrias told two groups in California recently. "This is your chance to get ahead."
CareerWire: The Best of the Blog 04/09/07
Several times each day, we update our JobsintheMoney Blog with news and advice for accountants and finance professionals. Here are some of last week's best items.
N.Y. Focus Shifts to Regional Banks 04/06/07
The job market for New York area retail bankers appears to be improving. However, the better opportunities are with regional players, with many offers coming from outside Manhattan.
Retailers Need Accounting Managers 04/05/07
Retail stores are pressed to find managerial accountants, controllers and chief financial officers who possess retail and consumer-business experience.
Dropping CPA Supply Pressures Balance Debate 04/04/07
As the number of seasoned CPAs dwindles, will those seeking balance be able to address the quality of life concerns discussed with such fervor throughout the profession?
IRS Plans Career Open House in N.Y. 04/03/07
The Internal Revenue Service will hold a career open house in New York City on April 24, 2007.
CareerWire: The Best of the Blog 04/02/07
Several times each day, we update our JobsintheMoney Blog with news and advice for accountants and finance professionals. Here are some of last week's best items.
Firms Can List Reasons for Firing Brokers 03/30/07
Financial firms can say what they want on forms documenting why they've dismissed a broker, without being subject to defamation claims.
Surviving the Subprime Slowdown 03/29/07
Bank regulators' pronouncements on alternative loan products, the closing of subprime lenders and rising foreclosure rates are churning the mortgage employment market.
Safe From Outsourcing? Maybe Think Again 03/28/07
Economist Alan Blinder thinks the impact of free trade is about a lot more than moving customer service jobs to India or manufacturing to China. It could very well be all about you.
Don't Underestimate Your Alumni Network 03/27/07
Are you involved in your college's alumni network? You should be.
Letters: Your Comments on Outsourcing 03/23/07
When we asked for your thoughts on outsourcing, we got a lot of e-mail. We learned both outsourcing and age discrimination are on a lot of people's minds.
Career Advice from the Top 03/22/07
Terri Dial, executive director of retail banking for Lloyds TSB in London and formerly of Wells Fargo, offers her advice on managing your career.
Building Careers for Hispanic Professionals 03/21/07
Ann Marquez, executive director of the Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting's New York chapter: "Once you get past seven years, or the partnership level, that's where we need to do more."
The 'American Idol Factor' in Job Interviews 03/20/07
With so many accounting and auditing positions up for grabs, it should be easy for qualified candidates to land a new job. So why do some feel like off-key singers on American Idol - the ones whose voices sound good to them, but make everyone else in the room wince?
CareerWire: Working Mother's Favorite Companies 03/19/07
Accounting firms on Working Mother magazine's annual "Best Companies" list... Compliance pressures encouraging CFOs to find new jobs... GMAC bulking up... and more.
What Wealth Managers Seek in New Hires 03/15/07
What are the traits upper-tier wealth managers look for in new hires? Richard Franchella, senior managing director at RBC Dain Rauscher in New York, has some definite ideas.
Restaurant Firms Seek Tech-Savvy, Creative Thinkers 03/14/07
The food industry, which generates one in seven new U.S. jobs, has an especially strong need right now for professionals in accounting and finance. Those in highest demand have sophisticated analytical skills, an understanding of the latest business technology and compliance issues, and a keen ability to think outside the proverbial box.
New York Real Estate Drives Financial Positions 03/13/07
Despite the downturn in other sectors of the country, the outlook for real estate in the New York City and New Jersey area, particularly for office and retail space, remains strong, as does the prospect for finance jobs related to the field.
New York Real Estate Drives Financial Positions 03/13/07
Despite the downturn in other sectors of the country, the outlook for real estate in the New York City and New Jersey area, particularly for office and retail space, remains strong, as does the prospect for finance jobs related to the field.
CareerWire: CFOs Under Pressure 03/12/07
CFOs heading for the door under as compliance, board pressures mount... HSBC won't make new U.S. acquisitions... Reasons for continued CPA demand... and more
In Mass., Small Firms Compete Hard for CPAs 03/09/07
Small to mid-sized CPA firms in the Boston area need accountants almost as badly as the Red Sox need pitching.
Sub-Prime Troubles Hit Banking Jobs in East, Midwest 03/08/07
The housing market is forcing banks and mortgage companies to cut back their sub-prime lending efforts - as well as their staffs.
Licensure by Endorsement for N.Y. CPAs 03/07/07
New York state has seen a jump in the number of CPAs licensed by endorsement in recent years. What's behind the increase?
'Managing Up' is a Key to Promotion 03/06/07
Managing up isn't the same as kissing up. Not by a long shot. Master it, and your career possibilities grow exponentially.
CareerWire: Finance Talent Needed in Mohawk Valley 03/05/07
Fierce talent hunt in New York State's Mohawk Valley... Mellon Financial appoints head of Wealth Management in Connecticut... and more.
In Getting Ahead, Your Words Count 03/02/07
A career in finance presupposes that you're good with numbers. To get ahead, you have to be good with words, too. That's not to say you have to be F. Scott Fitzgerald, but you do have to convey your thoughts, plans and data clearly, concisely and in a jargon-free style that any audience can understand. Plus, you want to write in a way that makes you look good.
Opportunities, Challenges In Supermarket Banks 03/01/07
The number of bank branches opening in supermarkets is again on the rise, presenting job opportunities for banking professionals with the right combination of banking and sales skills.
California Compliance Salaries Reflect Demand 02/28/07
The job outlook for internal and outside auditors, financial analysts and staff accountants in California looks good for the balance of 2007. Compliance specialists with SEC experience are especially coveted. Growth in demand, coupled with a shrinking pool of top talent, dovetails with national trends and has forced companies to bid harder for skilled employees, bolstering salaries in the process.
Looking Good 02/27/07
If the U.S. job market is strong, the accounting and finance market is Paul Bunyan. But how long will this last? Do you update your resume every time reports indicate a drop in housing starts, or a hike in interest rates? Will the Iraq situation send us packing our Far Side desk calendars and family photo mouse pads?
CareerWire: Price Opens Office in Toronto 02/26/07
T. Rowe Price begins push in Canada... Accounting professionals are optimistic... Federal court dismisses most claims in wrongful dismissal suit against Morgan Stanley... and more.
Ask the Expert: How Do Plan for My Own Business? 02/23/07
So you're thinking it's time to your for yourself? Running your own financial business can be rewarding emotionally as well as financially - if you're realistic and prepared in your approach to starting it up. Robbie Miller Kaplan explains the basics.
Ask the Expert: How Do I Plan for My Own Business? 02/23/07
So you're thinking it's time to go into business for yourself? Running your own financial business can be rewarding emotionally as well as financially - if you're realistic and prepared in your approach to starting it up. Robbie Miller Kaplan explains the basics.
Is Faster Better for Executive MBAs? 02/22/07
A number of executive MBA programs are changing their schedules so that students can earn their degrees in less time, and with more flexibility. But some of the top-tier schools are keeping their more traditional schedules, for fear of diminishing the value of their credentials.
Researchers Find Uncomfortable Realities in 'Balance' 02/21/07
Talk to recruiters in the financial world - and in accounting in particular - and they'll tell you how options for work-life balance are key components of their hiring and retention strategies. Now comes research indicating that perhaps accounting firms aren't so whole-heartedly behind the concept, after all.
CareerWire: MetLife Seeking Summer Interns 02/20/07
MetLife is seeking applicants for its summer fellowship program... The California CPA Education Foundation's third annual business and industry conferences will have a career and hiring flavor... Marsh & McLennan contributed an additional $23 million to its 401(k) program... and more.
Morgan Stanley Hires for Latin Wealth Management 02/16/07
Morgan Stanley's Private Wealth Management group appointed Jon Mallon as Regional Sales Manager for Latin America and hired a team of five from Lehman Brothers to serve high-net-worth Brazilian clients and institutions in Latin America.
Career Focus at California CPA Conferences 02/15/07
The California CPA Education Foundation's third annual business and industry conferences will have a career and hiring flavor when they take place in Long Beach and San Francisco late in March. Each one-day event will feature sessions on career management, recruiting and employee retention. An additional session will offer advice on compensation, a timely subject in the present job market.
Retail Bankers Expect Modest Raises in '07 02/14/07
From branch managers to sales reps, retail banking professionals can count on modest pay increases during 2007, with their raises tracking slightly ahead of inflation. They can thank rising profits and increased operating efficiencies.
UBS Seeking Wealth Managers 02/13/07
UBS plans to nearly triple the number of financial advisors working in its wealth management group for super-rich clients in the U.S. It's part of the Swiss bank's strategy to gain a top position here.
CareerWire: Insurers Develop Overseas Markets 02/12/07
International insurance companies are developing new channels in emerging markets... The number of Americans who work remotely continues to rise... Retail bankers shouldn't expect their employers to be comfortable with their tattoos and body piercings... and more.
Growing Demand in Micro-Enterprise Sector 02/08/07
The Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO), a Washington D.C. non-profit trade group, has roughly 500 member, micro-enterprise organizations that provide access to capital and support for aspiring and active entrepreneurs from low-income communities. Most of these organizations are small with only a few employees. But in all, they provide about 4,000 jobs, many of them for financial professionals who want to switch to the non-profit sector.
Skilled Brokers Can Weather The Rates Downturn 02/07/07
Commercial insurance brokers are balking as rates soften to levels not seen since the 1990s. And, with contingency fees becoming a thing of the past at many of the large firms, money worries are dominating the industry. However, cost-cutting measures needn’t impact the IT-savvy and seasoned professional on the brokerage side.
E-Banking's Scope Spurs Need for Product Managers 02/01/07
In just a few years, electronic banking has evolved from a simple way to check balances to a nearly essential tool for paying bills. It's also become ubiquitous - meaning banks are searching for ways to make their online channel even more important to their customers. As a result, say industry observers, people who can understand how online banking tools can be packaged to attract and retain customers will be in demand.
A Recruiter's View of Accounting and Finance 01/31/07
A Q&A with Shane Hill of Hudson Highland Group: "The higher you go on the organizational chart, the more paramount are communication skills. I know when I've got a good candidate, even if their technical skills aren't exactly what the client's after, if the candidate articulates well, you can teach them a lot of other things."
Flexibility Can Aid Laid-Off Bankers 01/30/07
Amidst continued news of bank mergers and projected layoffs, bankers in New York and New Jersey should be prepared for uncertain times ahead. However, regional financial institutions could offer opportunities to the right banking professionals.
CareerWire: HR Faces Torrents of Resumes 01/29/07
Be prepared: HR managers face a crush of resumes... Deloitte launches blog on work-life balance... Bryant University adds "master of professional accountancy" program... and more.
Non-Profits in Calif. Seek Financial Expertise 01/26/07
More regulation, demanding funders and a trend toward standardized accounting practices are leading to job opportunities in California non-profits.
Hotel Industry Needs Accounting Staff 01/25/07
A healthy economy, thriving business travel and a general demand for financial professionals have tightened the market for back-office accounting and finance staff at hotels. It's a sharp reversal of the post 9/11 landscape, when many hospitality firms were forced to freeze employee salaries.
Change Afoot in the CFO's Role, Approach 01/24/07
Pity the CFOs. They've got Sarbanes-Oxley requirements to meet, Securities and Exchange Commission and Internal Revenue Service officials to contend with, and answer to increasingly energized boards. How do they deal with it? Increasingly, the answer seems to be "move on."
Some Firms Eye Real Estate Agents as FAs 01/23/07
Always on the hunt for financial advisors with potential, many wealth management firms are looking beyond their traditional, industry-centric pipelines. Successful real estate agents - especially those who've worked with high-income clients - are often attractive candidates.
CareerWire: Credit Suisse Hires Wealth Management Head 01/22/07
Credit Suisse appoints new head of U.S. family wealth management... KPMG's Forensic Practice hires former IRS special agents… LoanCity appointed Jeff Minch as senior vice president and national sales manager…
Is 40 the New 50? Do the Discrimination Math 01/20/07
When, like diffident dowagers, two well-known corporate-finance recruiters say, "We don't talk about age," there's probably something to hide. Is age discrimination the workplace's dirty little secret?
Independence Isn't for All Financial Advisors 01/19/07
Anyone mulling a career change into the ranks of financial advisors should realize the field's intricacies can be difficult to grasp. For starters, it's important to understand that managing assets and offering investment advice is only part of the job.
Franklin Templeton Expands Training Program 01/18/07
Franklin Templeton Investments is expanding its training program for financial advisors from Europe and Asia into the U.S. and Latin America. The program, called the Franklin Templeton Academy, is designed to help financial advisors develop financial planning and business development skills, and ultimately provide better service to their clients.
Franklin Templeton Expands Training Program 01/18/07
Franklin Templeton Investments is expanding its training program for financial advisors from Europe and Asia into the U.S. and Latin America. The program, called the Franklin Templeton Academy, is designed to help financial advisors develop financial planning and business development skills, and ultimately provide better service to their clients.
Ask the Expert: When Bosses Don't Keep Promises 01/17/07
What can you do when your boss won't keep his promises? For one thing, proceed with caution.
CareerWire: Schwab Incents Independent FAs 01/16/07
Schwab Institutional introduces incentives for independent-minded financial advisors... Transamerica Occidental Life Insurance moving to Iowa... Commerce Bancorp plans 65 new branches in 2007... and more.
Licensure a Key to Accounting Success 01/12/07
A number of accounting and finance professionals wonder why they can't find good jobs despite their years of experience. The solution lies in becoming a CPA.
In N.J.: CPA Clients Seek Wealth Management Advice 01/11/07
Some accounting firms in New Jersey are leveraging their knowledge of the state's complex tax structure to offer wealth-management services to their clients. We interview Vincent Pallitto, president of Summit Asset Management and a partner in Kirsch, Pallitto & Abbate, who believes, "Tax preparation is a reactive approach. Tax consulting is a different story, as it's more proactive. Honestly, tax practices are dwindling."
Plotting Your Path to the CFO's Office 01/10/07
If you want to be a CFO, recruiter Scott W. Simmons has some thoughts you can use now - observations about the market and advice on how you can prepare. For one thing, he says: "Clients tell us, 'Don’t get me a bean counter. Get me somebody who I can talk with from a strategic perspective…'"
Lawyers Fit As Wealth Managers 01/09/07
When Jamie Smith graduated from law school, he knew he didn't want to be a lawyer. A chance encounter with a recruiter led to a career in financial planning. Now, nearly four years later, he's the hiring manager of AXA Advisors' San Diego office, and he's trying to convince other JDs to follow a similar path.
CareerWire: FAs' Pay Lagged in 2005 01/08/07
Financial advisors' compensation lagged revenue increases in 2005... HSBC chief sees opportunities... Banks must focus on retail experience... and more.
Calif. CPA Firm Seeks Experience, Communication Skills 01/05/07
A conversation with Zandy Ryder, recruiting manager for Armanino McKenna LLP: "Softer skills are just as important as having the experience and hard skills. Our employees, particularly on the consulting side, are representative of our firm and out in front of clients all the time. Being able to communicate effectively is very important."
Morgan Stanley Sued for Age Discrimination 01/04/07
A 56-year-old former managing director is suing Morgan Stanley, charging the firm fired him because of his age. Edward Sullivan, who earned as much as $1 million annually for his work at the firm's retail division, claims two human resources executives created a "poison-pen critique" of his performance as a way to justify discharging him after a 24-year career.
A CEO's View of Financial IT 01/03/07
Yacov Wrocherinsky, CEO of Infinity Info Systems: "The people we are looking at have an entrepreneurial spirit. They are willing to take initiative, and they have to be able to work in teams. We look at how people view their career journey, and we also look at the choices they make. We want good listeners so they will work well with our in-house team and our customers."
CareerWire: Salary Guide Available 01/02/07
Robert half publishes 2007 salary guide… Deloitte has greatest percentage of women partners… Virginia banks divest mortgage businesses… and more
ABN AMRO To Cut 900 U.S. Jobs 12/29/06
ABN AMRO will eliminate some 900 jobs from its North American workforce during 2007, a five percent reduction. The cuts will be in the Dutch bank's LaSalle Bank Corporation and its subsidiaries, and also in ABN AMRO's global businesses operating in the U.S. Most of the reductions will take place by the middle of 2007.
Merrill Lynch Adds to Bonus Program 12/28/06
Merrill Lynch has added a production-based bonus program to the compensation of its financial advisors.
Broad View Helps Tax Executives 12/27/06
While tax professionals believe they can play a more strategic role in their companies, often the financial executives who oversee corporate tax functions don't fully understand their priorities. The dynamic is making tax executives with a broad perspective on business issues ever more attractive.
CareerWire: PWC, BDO Seidman Open in Nashville 12/26/06
PWC, BDO Seidman setting up shop in Nashville... Merrill Lynch adds new benefit for FAs... Check our blog for accountants and auditors.
How to Catch a Rising Star - and Not Get Burned 12/22/06
You know the type: They're your firm's rising stars. They're the people named as team leaders. They're picked for plumb projects and seen chatting in the vice president's office. As for you, you're good at your job, but you're not standing out. Does that mean you can't rise along with a star? Not necessarily.
More Online Options for California CPA Credits 12/21/06
The California Certified Public Accountants Education Foundation will nearly triple the number of webcasts it stages for CPAs seeking to renew their state credentials in 2007. Less than a year after introducing webcasts as part of its Continuing Professional Education services, the foundation will hold 60 such events, up from 24 in 2005.
Finding the Manager Behind the Ad 12/20/06
The advertised position might be a solicitation for a seasoned controller or a skilled SOX specialist. Nowadays, the ad likely offers few details on the company hiring or the person handling the screening process. You might fit the bill for the job, but applying to such ads seems like a shot in the dark. How can you get in touch with the hiring manager directly?
Ask the Expert: Researching New Possibilities 12/19/06
You're interested in exploring options beyond your current role - but finance is so big, you're not sure where to begin. Career expert Robbie Miller Kaplan offers some help.
Sovereign Bancorp Cuts 800 Jobs 12/15/06
Sovereign Bancorp is cutting 800 jobs, or about 7 percent of its workforce, in order to cut costs. The company's announcement confirms reports that surfaced earlier this week that it would cut positions.
A 'Micro' Alternative to Traditional Banking 12/14/06
Micro-lending has gotten a lot of press since Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace prize for his work providing seed capital to micro-borrowers throughout the developing world. In the U.S., the number of organization involved in such loans - they call themselves micro-enterprise organizations - has skyrocketed over the past 15 years, creating opportunities for financial professionals seeking alternatives to traditional accounting and banking positions.
How N.Y., N.J. Advisors Keep Business When Clients Move 12/13/06
New York and New Jersey are expensive places to live and work, spurring a number of well-to-do families to retire or relocate elsewhere. So what's a financial planner to do when their clients are considering moving to greener - and cheaper - pastures?
Employers Cautious About 2007 12/12/06
Employers in finance, insurance and real estate are planning a cautious approach to hiring early next year. According to the recruiting and consulting firm Manpower, employers in the financial sector expect to do less hiring during 2007's first quarter than they'll do in the last three months of 2006.
CareerWire: Employers See Increased MBA Hiring 12/11/06
More employers plan to hire MBAs…No falloff in need for tax accountants… Staples moves financial-support jobs to South Carolina… and more.
Accounting, Finance Professionals Sought in California 12/08/06
The news continues to be upbeat for accountants and financial professionals seeking jobs in California. According to the Robert Half International Financial Hiring Index, more chief financial officers in the state's four largest cities expect to increase staff than to cut jobs.
The Need for GAAP Knowledge Overseas 12/07/06
Globalization brings a new set of headaches to finance executive in charge of hiring. Do they opt for local talent who understand local accounting practices, corporate culture and U.S. GAAP? Or, do they try to find U.S.-trained accountants who can learn to navigate local laws and customs?
Communicating is Vital - Even in Finance 12/06/06
We hear it again and again: Finance isn't all about numbers. It's about communications, too, whether you're reporting results, working with colleagues in other departments, or developing client relationships. Here, Petter Wendel, chief financial officer of Greystone & Co., shares lessons he's learned about communicating and relationship-building.
The Gang's All Here: Surviving a Group Interview 12/06/06
It’s rare for multiple candidates for the same job to be interviewed at the same time, experts say. What's not uncommon is for one applicant to be interviewed simultaneously by several people at a hiring company. Stressful, yes, but there are ways to turn a group interview to your advantage.
John Hancock Helps Producers Move to Management 12/05/06
John Hancock Financial Network has introduced a program to help producers prepare to become sales managers. Dubbed "the Protege Program," it integrates coursework with development goals and closely involves local managers.
CareerWire: Merrill Lynch will Settle Overtime Suits 12/04/06
Merrill will settle overtime suits… Discrimination suit against Smith Barney expands… Ryan & Company opens office in D.C. area… and more.
Merged BNY, Mellon May Reduce Workforce by 10 Percent 12/04/06
Bank of New York and Mellon Financial don't foresee much change in their combined workforces as they prepare for their merger, though over three years they may reduce staff size by nearly 10 percent.
Banks Seek Help Selling Mortgages to Minorities 12/01/06
Since the refinancing wave has washed out of the mortgage industry, companies have sought to build volume by hiring employees who can tap diverse, emerging markets. Consequently, mortgage bankers who know how to build business in the African-American, Latino, Asian and other immigrant communities are in demand.
Challenges for Corporate Accountants in N.Y. 11/30/06
If you're a CPA seeking a license in New York State, and most of your experience is in corporate accounting or investigations, you should be aware: Documenting your qualifying experience may be a bit more difficult than you expect. Here's an overview of the requirements.
Skeptical? A CPA? FCPA Work Might Be For You 11/28/06
If you're a certified public accountant with an innate skepticism, and you enjoy foreign travel, problem-solving and out-of-the box thinking, you're a perfect fit for a rapidly growing accounting niche: the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
Landscape Changing For Ultra-Wealth Management 11/27/06
The chase for high-net-worth clients is spurring acquisitions and a shift in the banking landscape. It's a trend financial advisors should keep an eye on.
CareerWire: The IRS On Campus 11/27/06
IRS brings "Adrian Project" to campus... Atlanta attracts young professionals... Deloitte chair talks of mentoring... jobsinthemoney.com is blogging for accountants.
Strategies to Help You Move Up 11/21/06
Even if you're just beginning your career, it's never too early to start planning your rise through the ranks. At a panel discussion sponsored by the Urban Financial Services Coalition's New York chapter, banking executives discussed strategies to help you develop a plan.
Foreign Firms Seek U.S. Talent for Expansions 11/20/06
Though the rise of London as an investment banking center has gotten much media play in recent months, financial professionals with international expertise can benefit from the expansion of European firms right here in the U.S.
CareerWire: Private Bank for Physicians 11/20/06
Illinois bank launches private banking service for physicians... Montana, New Jersey seek CPAs... Schwab, Fidelity plan to enhance technology for FAs... and more.
Wachovia Turns Its Eyes West 11/17/06
Wachovia will close about 200 of its 3,400 branches across the country by the end of 2008. At the same time, it will open between 100 to 130 branches in the western U.S. during 2007 as part of its efforts to expand in what one executive calls "high-growth markets."
Ask the Expert: Job Searching After Age 55 11/16/06
Healthy, able and over 55. No matter how good the job market might be, older workers face their own unique challenges. How can you organize your job search? Robbie Miller Kaplan offers some tips.
Banks Increase Focus on Women 11/14/06
Banks are grappling with understanding the differences between their male and female customers, and searching for ways to better serve women business people.
CareerWire: Brokers Join Suit Against Merrill Lynch 11/13/06
Brokers join discrimination lawsuit against Merrill Lynch... Morgan Stanley revamps broker pay... Wachovia is "giddy" about banking in California... and more.
CFOs Value Employee Loyalty 11/13/06
Chief financial officers like candidates who've spent time in their previous positions. Nearly 90 percent of them say the length of a candidate's tenure with earlier employers is an important part of the equation they consider when deciding whom to hire.
CPA Firms Still Need SALT Expertise 11/09/06
It's been a boom time for state and local tax (SALT) professionals as accounting firms have worked to address a rising demand for their highly specialized and increasingly valuable services. However, experts believe recruiting will grow at a slower pace over the next 12 months.
Career Changers Attract Financial Recruiters 11/08/06
When recruiters consider candidates who are transitioning into a financial advisor's job from previous careers, they often look for one common trait: success. It doesn't always matter what skills you may bring from another profession. Investment firms first want to know how well you put those skills to work.
Q&A: Deloitte's Ethics and Compliance Watchdog 11/07/06
"It isn't a career, or role, that you work at alone. There's a lot of cooperation, so you need to be comfortable working with several disciplines.
CareerWire: Hiring at Marsh _ampersand McLennan's Insurance Unit 11/06/06
Marsh & McLennan hiring again... BAI launches anti-money laundering program... New York Life names retirement planning head... and more.
Experience in Demand for Boston CPAs 11/03/06
Like other cities around the country, Boston is suffering a talent shortage in public accounting. Those with some experience and time spent managing others are the hottest commodities.
Wealthy Spur Increased Need for 'Family Offices' 11/02/06
The need for "family offices" - a segment of the wealth management industry that serves extremely wealthy families - is growing fast enough that a war for talent has emerged.
Asian Advisers Leverage Community 11/01/06
When building their businesses, Asian financial advisers have a unique opportunity to leverage their insight into their own communities.
Edward Jones Has 10-Year Plan 10/31/06
Edward Jones plans to continue its expansion efforts by hiring investment advisers and support staff, strengthening market share in the U.S. and Canada, and investing up to $260 million to expand its headquarters near St. Louis.
CareerWire: Bookkeepers, Cost Accountants See Pay Rise 10/30/06
Salaries seen rising for bookkeepers, cost accountants... More companies use signing bonuses to attract financial professionals... Commerce Bank expands Corporate Trust Department... and more.
Offshoring Comes to the Back Office 10/27/06
An evolution in offshoring could eventually move a number of back office jobs outside of the U.S., saving large corporations as much as $58 billion a year and impacting some 1.5 million positions between now and 2016.
Demand Seen Pushing Financial Salaries in 2007 10/25/06
Continued demand for accounting and finance professionals will push starting salaries higher in 2007, as businesses mull expansions and continue to wrestle with compliance requirements. In particular, professionals in compliance, internal audit, financial analysis and public accounting should benefit.
Bonuses Boost Risk-Technology Compensation 10/24/06
Risk professionals in software and technology earned a 7 percent average increase in total compensation in 2005 as an 11 percent rise in bonuses bulked up a 3 percent bump in salaries.
Ask the Expert: Reaching Beyond Company Networks 10/23/06
"I take advantage of my company's networking and mentoring programs, but sometimes feel like I see the same people at each event. How can I extend my network beyond this regular circle?"
CareerWire: The Time Demands on CFOs 10/23/06
CFOs and time management... Burr Wolff names Midwest property tax vice president... Your comments on illegal immigration... and more.
Atlanta's HomeBanc Cuts Workforce 10/20/06
As it announced its expectation for a wider-than-anticipated third-quarter loss, Atlanta-based HomeBanc Corp. said it's reducing the workforce of its HomeBanc Mortgage unit by 4 percent. The move will save the firm about $19 million.
For Brokers, Training Issues Come into the Open 10/19/06
Are financial services firms on the edge of a new model in broker training? As Morgan Stanley's James Gorman urges firms to be "brutal" in sending their least effective advisers packing, and executives of smaller firms remark on the inability of wirehouses to expand the ranks of successful FAs, some wonder if the time is right to adapt new approaches to developing novices.
Corporations Use Project Professionals to Fill Gaps 10/18/06
Sarbanes-Oxley, increased regulatory scrutiny, globalization and downsizing has left Fortune 100 companies lacking well-credentialed, senior-level personnel to meet ever-increasing professional demands. But the corporations' challenge can be the outside professional's opportunity.
Mid-Size CPA Firms Form National Network 10/17/06
Twenty two mid-size accounting firms have formed a national network, designed to act as a single firm and better compete with the Big Four. The network, Baker Tilly USA, offers tax, audit and consulting services under one brand name.
Treasury Departments Staff Up to Field Wider Roles 10/16/06
The responsibilities of corporate treasurers are growing as they play a greater role within their companies. While these executives have long been responsible for managing cash flows, they're now being drawn further into the strategic framework of their organizations, creating new opportunities and responsibilities for themselves and those in the treasurer's department.
CareerWire: More Firms Send Women Overseas 10/16/06
More companies sending women overseas... Schwab cuts number of advisers in referral program... A.G. Edwards puts money behind its hunt of top producers.
How Managing Up Positions You for Growth 10/13/06
Even if no one reports to you, your job still involves managing people - the ones occupying slots above yours on the organization chart. It's called "managing up," and those who do it well can become indispensable to their organizations, resulting in choice assignments and promotions.
One Author's Tactics for Women, Minorities 10/12/06
In Minority Rules: Turn Your Ethnicity Into a Competitive Edge, Kenneth Arroyo Roldan and Gary Stern identify what they say are key strategies women and minority executives can use to rise through the ranks of corporate America. In an exclusive interview Roldan, chief executive of search firm Wesley, Brown and Bartle, says: "You can't change a company that doesn't embrace the principles of diversity. So, you have to control your own destiny."
Firms Seek Advisers From Range of Backgrounds 10/11/06
A financial background may not be the most important part of an erstwhile financial planner's resume, which is good news for newcomers trying to break into a field that's feeling pinched for qualified talent.
CareerWire: Hispanic Credit Card Market Shows Promise 10/10/06
Credit card companies have opportunities in Hispanic market... Harris's myCFO opens Northeast office... BNY plans cuts... and more.
Tips for Finding That Overseas Job 10/06/06
If you're interested in finding a finance position abroad, there are a few things to consider before you start packing. First on the list: the economic health of the country you're interested in, as well as the jobs considered "hot" there.
First American Launches Subordinate Lien Group 10/05/06
First American Corp. launched First American Subordinate Lien Outsourcing group, a unit that will develop information solutions for the subordinate lien market. The group will serve as "a storefront" for many of First American's second lien products, leveraging the company's property and credit databases.
Top Interview Mistakes - And How to Avoid Them 10/03/06
Few people really like job interviews: You have to be "on," the stakes are high, and you have to show off your expertise and intelligence every step of the way. "Successful interviewing reflects your ability to sell yourself," says Steve McMahan, president of Kforce Professional Staffing. "That becomes easier when you recognize the potential pitfalls and learn to avoid them."
CareerWire: U. Wyoming Eyes Online Accounting Program 10/02/06
U. Wyoming may offer online accounting certification... Ford Motor Credit to cut 2,000 jobs... Wachovia Securities will create new wholesale lending unit...and more.
Compensation Stable for Energy Risk Professionals 09/29/06
Risk professionals in the energy sector received modest compensation increases during 2005, but should benefit if investment banks and hedge funds increase their activity in the area and the markets' instability continues.
Recruiters Can Make You More Likeable 09/27/06
It's an age-old conundrum: How do you promote yourself to managers or prospective employers without sounding too impressed with yourself? The answer, says Jeffrey Pfeffer of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, is to get a recruiter to do the promotion for you.
Countrywide Warns of Layoffs 09/27/06
Countrywide Financial Corp. has warned its staff to expect layoffs as falling home sales take their toll on the firm's mortgage business.
Is Your Boss a Bully? Part 2 09/27/06
Our article Is Your Boss a Bully? struck a nerve among readers. Many respondents asked for more concrete information about techniques for managing a bully/target situation. Here it is.
CFOs See Steady Hiring in Fourth Quarter 09/25/06
Hiring within accounting and finance departments will remain steady during the last quarter of 2006, with six percent of chief financial officers planning to add full-time personnel and two percent anticipating a cut in staff levels. That net four percent increase is unchanged from the third-quarter forecast of the quarterly Robert Half International Financial Hiring Index.
CareerWire: Morgan Stanley Pauses in Layoffs 09/25/06
Morgan Stanley is taking a break from layoffs in its wealth management division... Financial firms fuel job changes with hefty compensation to advisers... U.S. workers value health benefits over pay.
From Independent CPA to Corporate Finance 09/22/06
Big companies expect their CPAs to have experience with accounting issues unique to public firms, especially compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations. The need for that kind of track record makes jumping from an independent firm to a corporate finance department challenging. The key is to understand the CFO's needs, and set about building a resume that demonstrates you can meet them.
Ask the Expert: Can I Transfer After Just a Year? 09/21/06
"I like to follow a one year rule: Stay employed with a firm for one year before making any change, and work in a position for one year before pursuing a new opportunity."
Mellon Names Wealth Management Head in S. Calif. 09/20/06
Mellon Financial Corporation has appointed David Emmes managing director of Private Wealth Management in southern California. Russell Kartub has been promoted to managing director of portfolio management.
CareerWire: Make the Most of Online Search Tools 09/19/06
Making the most of online search tools… Layoffs at Mercer... C-level CPAs on corporate hiring.
Career Path: Al Mariano, Accountemps 09/15/06
"You can check your company's intranet for job information, but that's not as effective as having those personal relationships."
Career Path: Al Mariano, Salary Professiona/Consultant 09/15/06
"You can check your company's intranet for job information, but that's not as effective as having those personal relationships."
Career Path: Al Mariano, Salary Professional/Consultant 09/15/06
"You can check your company's intranet for job information, but that's not as effective as having those personal relationships."
50? You're Not Old, You're Seasoned 09/14/06
Whether you're pushing or pulling the big five-oh, it can be tough to find a job. So it's not unethical to give your resume - and your waistline - a few nips and tucks.
CareerWire: UBS Strengthens U.S. Presence 09/12/06
UBS to acquire McDonald Investments of Cleveland to strengthen U.S. presence… A record 462 of FORTUNE 500 companies provide sexual orientation protection… Securian named “Great Place to Work in the Twin Cities”… and more
CareerWire: UBS Strengthens U.S. Presence 09/12/06
UBS to acquire McDonald Investments of Cleveland to strengthen U.S. presence… a record 462 of FORTUNE 500 companies provide sexual orientation protection… Securian named “Great Place to Work in the Twin Cities”… and more
CareerWire: UBS Strengthens U.S. Presence 09/12/06
UBS to acquire McDonald Investments of Cleveland to strengthen U.S. presence… a record 462 of FORTUNE 500 companies provide sexual orientation protection… Securian named “Great Place to Work in the Twin Cities”… and more
California CPAs Benefit from Strong Demand 09/07/06
Good news for certified public accountants in California: The state's strong demand for CPAs should continue.
Some Hiring Managers May Up the Ante 09/06/06
Most hiring managers say its more difficult to find qualified candidates than it was a year ago, a dynamic that may play into candidates' hands as they negotiate the terms of a new position. However, indications are few candidates are taking advantage of the pressure.
Is Your Boss a Bully? 09/06/06
Thought you left that playground bully for good back around the third grade? Guess again. He - or she - can come back to haunt you in the form of your boss.
CareerWire: Investment Firms Pursue Defectors 09/05/06
Investment firms fight back against defectors... Top accounting firms grow their revenue... For jobs, look to the Great Plains... and more.
Position Yourself for a New Job - Discreetly 09/01/06
Recruiters say financial professionals can gain an inside track for plum jobs through a proactive approach that includes regular networking, researching potential employers, working selectively with recruiters and undertaking projects that will broaden your skills. All of these activities, they point out, can be pursued without signaling an interest in leaving one firm for another.
Do Your Homework on Prospective Employers 08/31/06
Doing your homework on prospective employers is critical to your chances of landing a new position. Nearly half of the executives recently polled said that not knowing about their company was the most common mistake they saw job-seekers make during interviews.
Diversity at Deloitte _ampersand Touche USA 08/30/06
Kaplan Mobray, U.S. diversity recruiting leader for Deloitte & Touche USA, discusses his firm’s efforts to diversify its workforce: "We know that diverse and satisfied team members foster innovation."
Public Company Executives Lured by Private Equity 08/30/06
Private equity groups are working hard to recruit senior executives away from public companies, offering more money and a chance to leave behind the short-term pressures that are part of dealing with the capital markets.
Torn Between Two Job Offers 08/30/06
Your technical skills, interpersonal communication and references are top-notch. Your shoes are shined, your suit is pressed, every hair's in place and there's a smile on your face. And so you find yourself in the enviable position of having multiple job offers to consider. You can only accept one, so now what?
CareerWire: Return of the Perk 08/28/06
Companies are bringing back low-cost perks… Merrill Lynch asks panel to end its obligation to broker who won discrimination suit… Residential mortgage brokers eye commercial loans… and more.
Ask the Expert: I'm Qualified - Why Can't I Find a Job? 08/24/06
You've got solid experience and the job market is tight. Why aren't employers making offers?
Women Make Inroads to CFO's Office 08/23/06
Although women have long been underrepresented among corporate executives, they’re making modest inroads to the CFO's office. In the S&P 500, women presently hold about seven percent of CFO positions, according to an informal analysis of data from Hoover's, a service which maintains a database on 16 million companies.
Demand for CPAs Rising Globally 08/22/06
As if financial executives didn't have enough trouble finding CPAs in the U.S., word is spreading that companies overseas are seeking the very same talent.
CareerWire: From CFO to CEO 08/21/06
From CFO to CEO… Insurance Training Benefits Financial Advisers… Citigroup Expanding in Key Markets.
MBA Applications Rise 08/21/06
Applications to full-time MBA programs have risen for the first time in three years, according to the Graduate Management Admission Council. Much of the increase comes from international students, the GMAC said, although more women are applying as well.
Number of CPAs at Standstill, Even as Need Grows 08/18/06
The number of Certified Public Accountants grew just over 1 percent between 2003 and 2006, even though the pass rate for the CPA exam has increased.
What Tax Directors Look for When Hiring 08/16/06
Whether you aspire to be a tax manager or a tax accountant, you need certain skills to get ahead working in a corporate tax department. Here are five things tax directors consider before hiring new staff.
How to Move Around The Baby Boomers 08/15/06
Efforts by companies to retain baby boomers are frustrating younger professionals by delaying promotions and infringing on their independence at work. If you're in Generation X or Generation Y, you've got to be creative to attain the position you want.
CareerWire: Private Firms Buy Into SOX 08/14/06
More private companies comply with at least some parts of Sarbanes-Oxley... Court won't dismiss overtime suit against A.G. Edwards... Federal agencies face mass retirement of procurement officers... and more
Five Things CFOs Look For in Job Candidates 08/11/06
"What are they looking for?" Everyone who has responded to a job ad has asked themselves that question. To shed some light, we called several CFOs to find out what those elusive honchos seek in new hires.
Piper Advisors Depart Ahead of Takeover 08/10/06
Around 81 - or nearly 10 percent - of Piper Jaffray's financial advisers resigned from the firm's retail brokerage unit during the second quarter, followed by 31 more during two weeks in July. The departures come as Piper's takeover by UBS Wealth Management USA approaches.
Leadership Skills As Career Tools 08/09/06
The quality of your leadership skills can impact your career path. In fact, industry sources say, strong managerial skills are almost as important as the ability to sell a product. But the key word there may be "almost."
CareerWire: Thrifts Leaving Mortgages, Broker Pay Drifts and More 08/07/06
Thrifts getting out of mortgages... Pay for brokers rose just 1 percent in 2005... Fidelity hiring 2,000 in North Carolina... and more.
Bank of America Hires for Wealth Management 08/04/06
Bank of America plans to add 650 jobs in its wealth management division before the end of the year.
CFOs Value Communicators; Learning Skills is Up to You 08/03/06
Communication skills have become more important to accounting and finance professionals, but you may be on your own when it comes to developing them.
Tips for Responding to Online Ads 08/02/06
Job-seekers often complain their responses to online ads disappear without any reply from employers. In reply, HR departments and hiring managers say their work is made harder by e-mails that are too long, inappropriate or simply miss the mark. To help you break through, here are some tips on making your message as effective as it can be.
CareerWire: Auditing Your Job Search 07/31/06
Auditing your job search... Quality of life in Des Moines... Hiring nice people as policy.
Salary Increases Slowing for Accountants 07/28/06
While demand for professionals in audit, tax and management services at public accounting firms is expected to continue for many years, salary increases will be less dramatic in 2006.
Citigroup to Stay Course in Face of Pressure 07/26/06
Citigroup Chairman and Chief Executive Charles Prince says he won't "starve the business" simply to boost the firm's stock price.
IT Hiring Ramping Up 07/26/06
Demand continues strong for technology professionals across a range of industries. In fact, nearly half of all companies plan to use summer interns to help out their IT departments.
Certifications Showcase 'Real-World' Expertise of CPAs 07/26/06
The sheer number of advanced certifications available beyond the CPA designation can be daunting. But what's the best one to earn to advance on your career path? It seems specialization is key to figuring out the best certification for you.
CareerWire: Changing the Gender Equations 07/24/06
Women are still making slow progress into executive suites... Merrill Lynch says attracting FAs a cornerstone of growth strategy... DaimlerChrysler mulls outsourcing accounting jobs.
Hispanic FAs Find More Opportunities 07/21/06
The growth in the Hispanic market means financial companies must develop a workforce representative of the customers they want to reach. While many Hispanic FAs prefer to work for themselves, opportunities are increasing for those interested in joining a larger organization.
Top 3 Banks Focus On Internal Growth 07/20/06
Bank of America, Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase are focusing on growing from within, a strategy that could help position them to face a cooling economy.
Goldman Sachs Leaders Emphasize 'Doing' 07/19/06
Financial companies like people who get things done. Students looking for ways to position themselves might want to consider the backgrounds of the Goldman Sachs Global Leaders, a group of 100 high achieving college students from 20 countries. Their common thread: real accomplishments, some made even before they've entered college.
UBS Opens Office For 'Ultra-High-Net-Worth' Clients 07/19/06
UBS has opened an office in New York dedicated to serving ultra-high-net-worth clients. The Park Avenue office will be staffed by 13 wealth advisors and three private bankers, and will offer a suite of brokerage, trust and private banking services, the company said.
Merrill Official Says Firm Can 'Do Better' In Diversity 07/18/06
Even as they contend with a class-action lawsuit alleging racial discrimination in its brokerage operation, officials at Merrill Lynch say they have to do better when it comes to hiring and promoting black financial advisors.
CareerWire: Banks, Insurers Keep Looking for Common Ground 07/17/06
Banks, insurers keep exploring consolidation... Small-business owners like their local bank branches... The Hartford promotes three to develop retirement business... and more.
Using Facts to Deal with an Unreasonable Boss 07/14/06
Have a difficult boss? Calm and facts can help you cope with uncomfortable situations.
Chicago Fertile Ground for CPAs 07/14/06
The winters may be cold, but the job market for accountants in Chicago is hot, says Elaine Weiss, president and chief executive of the Chicago-based Illinois CPA Society.
Retirements, Expanded Role Spur Hiring in Corporate Tax 07/12/06
Once considered a dead-end, tax departments have become integral parts of their company's management teams and key players in long-range planning.
CareerWire: Mentors Count, SOX Costs Still Rising 07/10/06
Most CFOs had a mentor... Compliance costs still rising... Surprise! SOX spurred hiring... and more.
DWS Scudder Expands Distribution 07/07/06
The ranks of DWS Scudder, the U.S. mutual fund business of Deutsche Asset Management, have swelled to include 19 new staff.
Internal Audit Still Faces Talent Shortage 07/06/06
Although a number of companies have tried to expand their internal audit departments to cope with the demands of Sarbanes-Oxley, a lack of talent has kept many positions unfilled.
CareerWire: Gates Foundation Looks for Financial Talent 07/05/06
Gates Foundation seeks financial talent... Morgan Stanley closing branches... Grant Thornton, Northwestern Mutual earn high marks as IT workplaces.
Ace that Interview - Top Ten Tips 07/05/06
Last week Alcoa, Ameritrade, Ford, Interstate Bakeries and Winn-Dixie all announced reductions in their respective workforces.
Dramatic Pay Increases For Risk Executives 06/30/06
Pay for risk professionals has risen dramatically over the last five years as companies have become more pro-active, and less reactive, in their approach to risk.
Legg Mason Reorganizes Businesses 06/28/06
Legg Mason will separate its retail and mutual fund businesses and reshuffle its management.
CareerWire: Careful What You Post Online 06/27/06
Being smart about online profiles... Morgan Stanley faces discrimination charges... Credit Suisse expands private banking... and more.
SOX Leads To IT Opportunities 06/22/06
Sarbanes-Oxley has opened up a growing range of opportunities for accountants and other financial professionals with solid IT skills.
Certified Fraud Examiners In Demand 06/21/06
Whether they're ferreting out tax improprieties, securities fraud or money laundering, financial professionals certified as fraud examiners are hot properties on the job market.
CareerWire: Risk Professionals Receiving Earlier Bonuses 06/19/06
Risk professionals' bonuses benefit from high demand... Financial employers see slightly more hiring in third quarter... Vanguard bonuses miss target... and more.
IT Security Professionals See Increasing Demand, Salaries 06/16/06
The financial business has developed an appetite for network security specialists in response to federal compliance mandates and consumers vulnerable to the surge of PIN numbers, online banking and crafty hackers.
CareerWire: Accounting, Financial Workers Happier Than Most 06/12/06
Accounting and financial workers say they're happier than most... Merrill Lynch creates diversity office in private client group... PWC adds ethics to annual training... and more.
Underwriters, Actuaries Benefit From Insurance Mergers 06/09/06
Despite an expected spurt of mergers and acquisitions within the insurance sector, the industry still needs qualified underwriters and actuaries.
Ernst _ampersand Young Launches 'Working Moms Network' 06/08/06
Ernst& Young launched a "Working Moms Network" to provide support, resources, networking and mentoring opportunities for new, expectant and veteran mothers.
Static Networks Can Be Dangerous To Your Career 06/07/06
They say it's good to have friends in high places. Yet many in the accounting and retail banking sector - particularly women and minorities - spend most of their time with people just like themselves.
CareerWire: Tax Departments Need More Resources 06/05/06
Corporate tax departments need additional resources... Turnover among Fortune 500 chief financial officers increased last year... More than 84,000 people were expected to take the CFA exam... and more
Demand For Socially Responsible Investing Jobs Outpaces Need 06/02/06
While socially responsible investing has been a buzz word for nearly 20 years, interest in the practice of encouraging corporate sustainability through sound social and environmental practices has gained momentum in recent years. But while the financial industry is paying more attention to SRI, the number of professionals trying to enter the field still outstrips the demand of investors.
Women Reach Beyond Internal Networks 05/31/06
Tell a woman CPA in Connecticut she’s being transferred to California and within a day she’ll have a list of the best pediatricians in Los Angeles and a list of local women’s soccer teams looking for players.
CareerWire: Job Cuts At Regions Financial, Accounting Grads Well-Regarded 05/30/06
AmSouth, Regions Financial plan job cuts... Australia needs accountants... CFOs see accounting grads as well-prepared... and more.
Diversity At Citigroup's Corporate and Investment Banking Division 05/26/06
jobsinthemoney.com recently spoke with Patricia David, managing director and global head of diversity/talent and employee programs for the corporate and investment banking division of Citigroup. David is responsible for overseeing, developing and implementing the diversity strategy for nearly 49,000 employees around the world.
Starting Salaries Climb For New MBAs 05/24/06
Starting salaries of newly graduated MBAs have risen 4.2 percent since 2005, spurred by hiring among employers confident about the overall economic outlook.
Recruiter Stanton Chase Launches Financial Division 05/23/06
The executive recruiting firm Stanton Chase International has created a financial advisory division and seeking to hire a staff of ten recruiters by the end of the year. The company will recruit only brokers with $1 million or more in production.
CareerWire: HSBC The Leading Firm For Women Executives 05/22/06
Financial firms dominate Diversity Inc.'s list of best companies for women executives... NewStar Financial hiring for West Coast office... Royal Bank of Scotland to offer corporate banking services... and more.
CFOs Gain Higher Profiles At Hedge Funds 05/19/06
As hedge funds continue to grow in both numbers and assets, the role of the chief financial officer is becoming more challenging and high profile, according to industry experts.
IT Auditors Salaries At Premium 05/16/06
Information technology auditors, professionals who determine whether corporate IT systems are effectively maintaining Sarbanes-Oxley controls, are in demand from a wide range of companies.
CareerWire: Jobs Outlook Strong - For Now 05/15/06
The overall U.S. job outlook is strong for the next 6-12 months, but predictions for financial services might be described as ''steady, but slow''... The number of women in leadership roles in Illinois CPA firms has remained largely unchanged over the last four years... A Massachusetts stockbroker has sued Citigroup Smith Barney for allegedly failing to pay him overtime... and more.
Feeling Burned Out? Accountants Have Options 05/12/06
In college, you majored in accounting. You sweated through the CPA exam and put in countless billable hours as a young practitioner. Now you're well into a successful career. But what happens if you discover making numbers talk no longer carries the thrill it once did?
International Accountants Welcome At U.K. Investment Banks 05/11/06
Interested in working across the pond? British investment banks have relaxed their attitudes about hiring candidates from overseas - especially when it comes to senior accountants.
Morgan Stanley Paring Down Broker Training 05/11/06
Morgan Stanley plans to fire half of its 1,000 trainees and pare down its broker-training program after deciding the program isn't producing enough successful financial advisors.
Morgan Stanley Dangles Bonuses To Lure Brokers 05/10/06
Morgan Stanley is using attention-getting bonuses to lure high-producing financial advisors into its ranks.
CareerWire: Corporate Lawyers Face SOX Pressures 05/08/06
SOX pressures corporate lawyers… Business students respond to accounting… Small firms consider outsourcing… And more.
Black Financial Advisors Confront Misperceptions 05/05/06
African-American financial advisors say they’re building successful businesses despite an array of misperceptions about black investors.
Demand Pushes Salaries Of Wealth Advisors 05/03/06
Wealth advisers are in increasingly high demand – a trend reflected in the increasingly sexy compensation packages they’re being offered.
Know Your Company, Follow The News, And Network 05/03/06
Smart job hunters thoroughly research prospective employers. Job holders can benefit by performing similar due diligence on the firm where they work now.
CareerWire: Block Seeks 500 Financial Advisors In Next Five years 05/01/06
H&R Block Financial Advisors is seeking advisors... Evaluating your current employer... Lincoln Financial makes recruitment move... Accounting firms balk at CE aid.
Women, Minorities Lag In Executive Ranks 04/28/06
Women and minorities continue to lag in gaining management positions in large financial firms, according to a report by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. ''This report shows that we still have some ways to go,'' EEOC Chair Cari Dominguez said. ''The report found that women of all races and backgrounds advance more slowly as they climb up the career ladder.''
Mortgage Banking Jobs Hold Steady 04/28/06
Some economists believe the market for new homes isn’t as strong as the surge in March sales figures would suggest. Media reports note that builders have been cutting prices to address rising mortgage rates, and the number of available homes is increasing. What’s it all mean for mortgage bankers? Despite some fallout on the consumer side, observers see their job security as being pretty solid.
Pay Rises In Corporate Tax Departments 04/26/06
It’s no secret the job of corporate tax departments has become tougher. The challenges they face, and the ongoing scramble to find talent to meet them, is translating into higher compensation for tax professionals at the top of their game.
CareerWire: TIAA-CREF Hiring Advisors; UBS Works To Retain Piper Brokers 04/24/06
TIAA-CREF plans to hire 500 financial advisors... UBS is offering Piper brokers retention packages... And more.
As SOX Costs Drop, Will SOX Opportunities Follow? 04/21/06
As corporate America’s compliance-related costs level off, finance professionals focusing on SOX-related work may soon need to switch gears.
IRS Recruiting Revenue Agents 04/21/06
The Internal Revenue Service is seeking hundreds of revenue agents, many for its small-business/ self-employed division, and is offering signing bonuses to those willing to work in ''hard-to-fill'' locations.
Corporate Finance Compensation Jumps 04/19/06
Macro trends are creating macro pay increases for those in the corporate finance world. Double-digit compensation increases stem from stiffer federal regulation and a push for corporate growth – two movements that have companies scrambling for top-notch finance staff in a time of short supply.
Executives Look For Resume Follow-Ups 04/17/06
You've submitted your resume to a prospective employer. Now what? Most executives think you should follow up within two weeks: It shows you to be self-motivated and pro-active - traits managers value.
CFOs Predict Increased Hiring For Finance Staffs 04/14/06
When business is good, chief financial officers hire. According to the latest quarterly survey by Financial Executives International, business is good. Over the next 12 months, 77 percent of the 200 CFOs surveyed by the organization expect to hire more staff for their companies’ financial areas.
Ask the Expert: I'm Over 55 and Unemployed. Help! 04/11/06
Q: How does one re-enter the job market after being out of work for more than three years? I'm over 55, have a B.S. degree in accounting, am not a CPA and am currently unemployed.
BET Founder’s Bank Expects To Offer 'Opportunities' - Eventually 04/10/06
Robert L. Johnson, founder of the cable network Black Entertainment Television, is positioning himself to become owner of the largest African-American controlled financial services business in the U.S. Although the company has no specific hiring plans to reveal just yet, a representative said experienced financial professionals can look for “rich opportunities in the future.”
Opportunities Arise from U.S. Investment in Asian Real Estate 04/07/06
As U.S. investment in Asian real estate grows, professionals with a background in underwriting, financial analysis or property appraisal and valuation can look East for additional job opportunities.
Finance Chiefs Paid More In U.S. 04/04/06
U.S. finance directors are better paid than their colleagues and second-tier executives elsewhere in the world.
Small Accounting Firms Have More Women Partners 04/03/06
Although more women are becoming partners in U.S. accounting firms, the proportion is greater among smaller firms.
Private Banking Opportunities On The Rise 03/29/06
As more banks and other financial companies work to develop a wealthier client base, opportunities are rising for bankers and others considering a move to private banking.
Are Companies Serious About Diversity? 03/27/06
Nearly 80 percent of the jobsinthemoney.com users who responded to a snap poll asking whether their company is serious about diversity said "no."ť
For SOX Staffers, Workload May Be Key Challenge 03/24/06
Many accounting managers have said the intricacies and tedium of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance has discouraged accountants and auditors from getting into the field – or made them itchy to get back into what they regard as “core” financial functions. But could the challenge be simply that SOX specialists are overworked?
Unintended Consequences Of Work/Life Programs 03/22/06
A decade ago, professional service firms began offering women more flexibility as they replaced their “up-or-out” attitude with flextime, maternity leave and part-time options. But as more women take advantage of programs that allow them to pursue the "mommy track" or "family track," the pool of women remaining in leadership roles has been shrinking.
Mellon Seeks To Expand Private Wealth Management Group 03/20/06
Mellon Financial Corporation has created a unit within its private wealth management group to set strategies and practices for sales, marketing and client service.
CFOs Earning Impressive Compensation 03/17/06
Chief financial officers of leading companies - like Citigroup, Wyeth and Coca-Cola - are getting impressive compensation packages.
Baby Boomers’ Retirement Opens Career Paths 03/17/06
As the 76 million Baby Boomers begin exiting the workforce, career opportunities should increase for younger financial professionals.
Banks, Credit Unions Offer Opportunities For Wirehouse Reps 03/16/06
Banks and credit unions offer career alternatives for brokers and financial advisors who've traditionally spent their time in wirehouses. But anyone making the transition will need to approach their job differently.
Thrivent Financial To Hire 675 Representatives 03/13/06
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, the not-for-profit financial services firm focused on the Lutheran markerplace, said it plans to hire 675 financial representatives by the end of this year.
More Firms Seek Forensic Accountants 03/10/06
The demand for forensic accountants who can untangle complex financial knots is growing.
Five Signs It's Time To Move On 03/08/06
Knowing when to quit your job usually boils down to instinct. Yet in banking and finance, where takeovers and lackluster bonuses are regular occurrences, there can be telltale signs it's time to move on. Here are a few.
Rising Above Your Past Employer 03/03/06
If you worked at one of the accounting firms or corporations implicated in the creative accounting scandals of the last few years, will prospective employers hold it against you?
Agency Needs Defense Contract Auditors 03/01/06
The Defense Contract Audit Agency is hiring entry-level auditors, offering modest starting salaries in return for reasonable hours and a chance to gain experience you can put to more lucrative use a few years down the line.
Bulk Of Compliance Costs Go To Staffing, Compensation 02/27/06
About 94 percent of the $25.5 billion spent on compliance by the securities industry during 2005 went to staffing costs, according to a survey by the Securities Industry Association.
Demand For Internal Auditors Pushes Salaries 02/24/06
Public and large privately held companies continue to seek experienced accounting professionals for internal audit positions.
Candidates With Disabilities Sought By Financial Firms 02/22/06
Commercial banks, accounting firms and other financial companies that face labor shortages are recruiting candidates with disabilities.
Commercial Real Estate Firms Seek Financial Professionals 02/17/06
As commercial real estate has become more sophisticated and Wall Street-friendly, professionals with backgrounds in accounting or experience in controller or chief financial officer functions are seeing their value rise.
Pension Expertise In Growing Demand 02/15/06
As reform and funding pressures increase the challenges involved in running a plan, financial professionals who’ve stayed on top of pension issues may find themselves in increasing demand.
Price Expects Hiring To Stay Flat, Despite Strong Business 02/10/06
T. Rowe Price expects to keep its hiring essentially flat this year, despite record results in 2005’s fourth quarter and a growing institutional business that’s gotten the attention of the likes of Institutional Investor.
Merrill Lynch Cuts Brokers' Cash Compensation 02/08/06
Merrill Lynch has quietly reduced the cash compensation of its brokers by 1 percentage point while crediting an extra 1.5 points to the company’s deferred stock plan, according to the trade newspaper Investment News.
Home Equity Lenders Keep Hiring 02/06/06
Despite rising interest rates, home equity lenders are still hanging help wanted signs in their windows.
Financial Services Firms Look Outside 02/02/06
What are you going to do with that liberal arts degree? How about financial services?
IRS Needs Agents, Auditors as Retirements Loom 01/31/06
The IRS’s Large and Medium Size Business Division (LMSB) is staffing up as many of the career staffers who conduct or manage corporate audits approach their retirements. Pay packages could prove taxing to some, however.
Your Own Best Cheerleader: Find a Coach 01/31/06
Lauren*, a long-time employee of Big Four accounting firm Deloitte, had worked her way up to manager of Northeast operations in a New York-metropolitan area division that then underwent an organizational transition. That set a career change into motion.
Know Your File Before a Background Check 01/25/06
Got something in your background that you'd rather not discuss during your next job interview - like a conviction for disorderly conduct or a really low credit score? Do your homework before you start mailing out your resume, because most companies are going to look your background right after they look at your resume.
Certifications Aplenty in Financial Planning for Seniors 01/19/06
Years ago, one big baby boomer question was, “Dad, can I have the car tonight?” Now the boomers have their own cars. Dad, now retired, might be sitting on a comfortable-to-substantial nest egg. But he’s still being pestered.
H-1B Visas Put U.S. Financial IT Jobs at Risk 01/19/06
The foreign job threat for American technology workers isn’t limited to work that can be sent abroad. Companies are using skilled workers brought in under the H-1B visa program to replace American staff with foreign workers who are paid substantially less – nearly $13,000 a year less on average according to a recent study.
Accountants' Pay Jumps on Lack of Supply 01/10/06
If you’re an accountant who can both crunch numbers and talk management through them with the same panache, you are in high demand and low supply in many U.S. markets. And you may be worth more than you think.
Balance of Power Shifting to Employees 01/10/06
If one of your resolutions for 2006 is to find a new job, you’ll be happy to know that the hiring picture for accounting and finance is robust, particularly if your skills are strong.
Industry and Big 4 Want Audit Managers 01/03/06
One thing’s for sure if you aspire to become an audit manager at either a Big 4 firm or in private industry: You’ll need to be a CPA. But the demand is high and salaries are up over last year.
Diversity Hiring Pushed by Banks’ Market Demographics 01/03/06
When it comes to hiring diverse workforces, retail banks are noticeably more aggressive than their investment-bank brethren.
Sarbox Costs Down but Hiring Still Strong 12/20/05
A recent study commissioned by the Big 4 shows that total Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 implementation costs, not surprisingly, are projected to decline substantially for both larger and smaller companies in the second year of implementation. What does this mean on the hiring and pay fronts?
Bank Branch Managers See Huge Churn 12/19/05
As the talent pool for branch managers continues to shrink, commercial banks have responded with stock options, increased compensation, business casual dress codes and recognition events like paid resort vacations.
CFOs say Pay, Hiring to Freeze 12/13/05
Chief financial officers are holding the line on 2005 bonuses and raises. And good luck if you decide to seek a fatter paycheck elsewhere, because those same CFOs aren’t planning to do much hiring in the first quarter of 2006, according to two recent surveys.
CPAs Back in the Black 12/09/05
Financial firms are pushing recruiters to find Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) or candidates with Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in Accounting. They’re also offering all the right incentives for the right candidates.
Surviving Sarbanes-Oxley 11/29/05
As the Sarbanes-Oxley Act enters its second year of implementation, organizations and individuals are looking back to assess the costs of compliance and the sustainability of the consequent infrastructure, and forward toward streamlining those elements.
Good Communication Means Better Bottom Lines 11/28/05
Talk isn’t cheap, at least not according to a major new study of U.S. and Canadian corporations by Watson Wyatt Worldwide, a human capital consulting firm.
Unhappy at work? You're not alone 11/15/05
Are you dissatisfied with where you work? If so, join the 80% of finance professionals who are unhappy with their employers. It could be time for a rebalancing act.
Don't Let Resume and Interview Gaffes Wreck Your Job Chances 11/10/05
If you want to land a job in the detail-oriented worlds of accounting, finance or banking, there’s one skill you cannot be without, says Doug Rickart, division director for Robert Half Finance and Accounting in Minneapolis.
Pay Pressure Pushes on Big Four Rivals 11/04/05
Employees of small and medium-sized public accounting firms could enjoy fatter pay rises than their top-tier colleagues in 2006.
Workplace Diversity Is a Bottom-Line Issue 11/01/05
Female entrepreneurship has grown rapidly over the last decade, and the numbers of women at corporations, including those in corporate finance and those in leadership positions, continue to increase. But the numbers also show that women – both as employees and as board members – aren’t just taking up space. They’re also enhancing the bottom line.
Wal-Mart Goes A-Banking 10/31/05
Retail giant Wal-Mart filed an application in July with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to establish an industrial bank in Utah to process its monthly volume of 140 million credit and debit transactions. The FDIC received over 1,000 letters – many times the norm – commenting on the proposal and had to extend the public comment period to two months from one.
Annual Bonuses: Carrots Dangle Higher, Sticks Get Longer 10/24/05
Annual bonuses are being scrutinized in an effort to design equitable pay packages in the wake of corporate accounting scandals and criminally excessive compensation paid to top executives at many firms. And everyone’s feeling the fallout.
Market Is Strong for Temporary Accounting Pros 10/18/05
The recent announcement by H&R Block that it plans to increase its tax network’s peak temporary work force by 39,000 professionals – nearly 40% – in the coming filing season prompts the question, “What besides tax season drives the market for temporary accounting pros?”
Where are the Good Actuarial Candidates? Guest Comment 10/17/05
Scott Rollins is President of the Chicago area executive search consultancy S. C. International, which has specialized in the recruitment of actuaries and employee benefits talent since 1984.

With more than thirty years in recruiting, the last twenty of which have focused on the actuarial and employee benefits marketplaces, I have seen both strong and weak job markets. And in order to adapt to a changing job market, savvy employers and job seekers alike have had to improve their processes and procedures for working with executive search firms. But unfortunately, a good number are still approaching the job market blindly and not reaching their maximum potential.
Corporate Finance Pay Jumps Highest for Execs 10/13/05
A new survey suggests corporate finance staff enjoyed higher-than-average pay increases in 2005, and senior professionals enjoyed the biggest increases of all.
Retail Banking: Sell, Sell, Sell or Else 10/11/05
The banking trend that has tellers selling home loans is making its way into the back-office, as more and more institutions are requiring everyone from the CFO on down to bring in new business.