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Here is the AAFM ® Certifying Board Handbook - Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Certification Use.

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AAFM 2014 Handbook - Rules, Governance, Standards, Accredited Education, and Integrity

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* This new handbook applies to all international members and at this juncture, there are many agencies and laws that already regulate US, EU, and Canadian Citizens. All members agree to abide by the respective laws of their respective jurisdictions, cities, states, countries and sovereign nations. . The statements, policy and information in this handbook apply to all viewers and members outside of North America. Please also read disclaimer and terms. Handbook in no way constitutes a contract, agreement or otherwise with viewers, members, certificate holders or fellows. All Names and Company names in the handbooks are the respective intellectual property, copyright or trademark of the owner. All Rights Reserved and The AAFM ® is a Global Certifying Body that supports high ethics and professionalism within all regulated industries.

The American Academy of Financial Management ® AAFM ® is an worldwide financial professional organization with members in 150+ countries hosting and organizing certification training worldwide and offering our exclusive designations to candidates who meet the high standards.. AAFM ® is in alliance with the top 800 business schools in the world. If you desire to be recognized by our worldwide academic & professional organization and improve your education, resume, or credentials, then, you are taking the best step to a better career and achieving graduate financial designations. You can gain board certification and a charter as a financial professional, wealth manager, market analyst, financial and investment planner, asset manager, trust and estate planning analyst, or economist. © AAFM ® offers several industry recognized graduate designations to qualified professionals.

AAFM ® As Seen in Investopedia, Forbes, CNN, MarketWatch, The Hindu National, El Norte Mexico, Financial Times, Knight Ridder/Tribune Business News, AP Associated Press, Black Enterprise, The China Daily, CNN, AACSB News, Peninsula On-line, The Gulf Times, Nassau Guardian, ACBSP News, Asia Africa Intelligence Wire, The Arab Times, Empresa Exterior, Spain, Arab News,The Business Wire, Congress News, The Congressional Quarterly, The Economic Times, Antara, Al-Bawaba News, and the South China Post.

 The AAFM Board of Standards owns the certifications, charters, masters designations, global intellectual property, copyrights, designations, and marks used internationally . © The AAFM Board of Standards USA Recognizes, accredits, sanctions or approves of over 600 approved and registered training channels worldwide. Qualified Graduates of approved programs can apply for certification. The AAFM Board of Standards is sole body that issues the certifications, distinctions, designations, awards while also engaged in public policy discussions, research, consulting, and alliance globally.

Academy - Accredited - Apply if you have these Degrees Already? We require qualifications such as two of the following:

1.An ABA AACSB, ACBSP, or Equis Accredited Financial, Investment, Accounting, Tax or Economics Related Degree. 3-5 + years of professional experience.

2.Must have a government recognized degree: Licenses, Degree, MBA/MASTERS or Law Degree, PhD, CPA, Recognized Designations, & specialization work, or

3.Complete a related degree with an AAFM ® approved and accredited university Program and Exams.

Apply today if you have a qualified Graduate Degree from an Accredited Program from this list:

Finance and Tax Degree from These Schools 

Accounting Degree from these Schools 

Economics Degree from These Schools 

Submit your Resume now for Review.

4. If you need the VIP Education, Then you may apply to Complete THE ONLINE Executive Certification Training Programs with the Law School: 



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GAFM ® * As seen in the TUV, US Government Occupational  Handbook and the U. S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration Certification Guides. 

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A Message from the GAFM Chairman -Dr.jur. George Mentz on Global Standards and Accredited Education 

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