AAFM ®  American Academy of Financial Management ®

Certifying Board & Accreditation Council

The AAFM ® Board is the 1st to articulate directly with accreditation agencies, double accredited & government recognized business schools, Accredited Law Schools, and MBA programs worldwide for higher standards..


Accredited AAFM Financial Analyst Designate Master Financial Professional Planner Accredited Financial Analyst Certified Master Financial Planner Credential Registered

MFP ® Master Financial Planner - Charter Designation and Board Certification


Requirements Certification and Charter Designation - If you feel you qualify, please Apply today.


1. A Qualifying Education & Degree from an ABA AACSB, ACBSP, or Equis Accredited Program in: ( Financial, Investment, Accounting ,  Law, Risk Management, Tax or Economics Related Degree ). See List of over 1000 qualifying Accredited programs.  Other Government Licenses, Diplomas, and Credentials count toward eligibility.

2. Three or More years of documented professional industry experience.

3. Agree to Abide by our Ethics Policies and Guidelines

4. Engage in Graduate Continuing Education each year.


Apply Now for Certification and (CUT/PASTE) Email Your Resume and Credential Information to us. APPLICATION


Also, AAFM ® awards Certification to successful graduates of the online law school courses which are from an Accredited Law School.

AAFM ® is the first in the WORLD to have an alliance with an Accredited Law School where you can take online courses toward certification and also with degree programs.  http://llmprogram.tjsl.edu


Standards and Governance:  AAFM ® promotes 6 unmatched graduate level standards of: education, exams, accreditation, experience, ethics, and continuing education.  AAFM ®  is The First to sanction "Double Accredited" Program education standards and Exams as a Path To Earning Professional Designations ...


* Read about our Global Recognition. AAFM ® has consulted and volunteered with the US Government, United Nations, and other governmental bodies worldwide. These accredited education and exam requirements have been public and disclosed on governmental and authoritative guides for over a decade. As seen in the US Governments' Occupational Handbook, Arab Academy, India Institute, Latin American Universities, China Government, Brazil Government, UAE Government and more.

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