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GAFM ® Certification Through  Accredited Program Education or Exams - Self Paced Online Program

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Certification Accredited Program Online Exams which count toward an MBA. Enroll Today

  1. AFA Accredited Financial Analyst ®
  2. AMA Accredited Management Accountant ®
  3. AMC Accredited Management Consultant ®
  4. ChE Chartered Economist ©

Steps to Certification with Edevate Excelcior Education

  1. Complete the recommeded education or courses then apply to process your certification exam. Anyone can challange the exam who has a degree.
  2. Download the study guide and take the online Exam,  then apply to process your certification.
  3. Enroll Today

Benefits of GAFM ® Exams and Certification

  1. GAFM is the first to have an accredited exam program for certification that is applicable to an accredited MBA program.
  2. Exam Credit may be applied toward a degree.
  3. Online exam program is an Accredited New York College
  4. Certification Exams that are passed may be part of your college transcript.
  5. Obtain certification the professional designation letters to use after your name.
  6. Membership in a Global Society.
  7. VIP access to career and continuing education resourses
  8. Discounts on car, travel and office expenses.
  9. Recognition from the Arab Academy of the Arab League
  10. Recognition from the RSOF Royal Society of Fellows
  11. Select certifications may offer exemption for other credentials in some countries.
  12. Some of these certifications may count as partial credit toward an academic program.
  13. Membership to the only graduate professional body recognised by the ICE and ANSI, the world’s leading collection of certification bodies.
  14. The ability to use the designation  on your business card and resume
  15. 2-years membership to the AAPM professional body Access to the management network and body of information online
  16. Preferred access to education centres in USA, UK, Europe, Asia, Middle-East and Latin America
  17. Access to the  international journal Advisory FYI published online
  18. Gold Embossed Certification with your name and designation as a Certified (Member of the Global Academy
  19. The Accreditation or Certification shows that you have completed graduate level education and you have qualified with substantial experience.
  20. Qualification recognised by the U. S. Department of Labor,  Employment and Training Administration


Other exam scoming soon

  1. AMC Accredited Management Consultant ®
  2. MMC Master Management Consultant ® (The Mini MBA Designation)
  3. CIPM  Certified International Project Manager ®
  4. MFP Master Financial Planner ®
  5. CHR Certification in Human Resources
  6. CRA Certified Risk Anayst
  7. CPE Certified Planning Engineer

The GAFM ® International Board of Standards is SIS Sanectioned and EU ELCBS QAHE Accredited and ISO Certified for Quality and a ISO 21001 Certified Educational Body and ISO 29993 Certified



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Wealth Management Book by: International Award Winning Author Dr./Jur. George Mentz JD MBA CWM -

Wealth Management Handbook




 Accredited Certified Financial Analyst Chartered Accountant

Top Certifications and Designations

  • AFA Accredited Financial Analyst ®
  • AMA Accredited Management Accountant  ®
  • AMC Accredited Management Consultant  ®
  • CRA Certified Risk Analyst ®
  • MFP Master Finanical Planner
  • CTEP Chartered Trust & Estate Planner
  • CIPM Certified International Project Manager ®
  • MPM Master Project Manager ®
  • ChFM Chartered Financial Manager ®


The GAFM ® Board is the 1st Graduate Certification Body to Become Accredited  and Certified for: ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 29990 Training in the World. GAFM ® owns the former AAFM ® Certifications and Programs

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